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Measurement Accuracy

Measurement Accuracy

What to expect from photo measurements in Cupix

If you have accurate reference plans and quality captures, then typically you can expect ±1-3% accuracy from each photo measurement.*

What does ±1-3% accuracy mean? Here are some examples:

Real World Dimension1% Accuracy3% Accuracy
3 feet1/2 inches1 1/4 inches
10 feet1 1/4 inches3 1/2 inches
20 feet2 1/2 inches7 inches

What are Cupix photo measurements good for?


  • Quickly Approximating dimensions
  • Planning & Estimating
  • Checking equipment clearances


  • Traditional Survey / Entire site survey
  • Floor flatness Quality Control
  • Shop drawings for pre-fabrication

Factors required for the most accurate photo measurements.

The following factors impact the quality of your capture, and the resulting measurement accuracy.

  1. Scale, which is determined by providing highly accurate floorplans.

  2. Capture Path Planning, which requires limiting video length to 2-3 minutes and thorough coverage of each area.

  3. Quality Captures, which require good lighting and slower movement.

  4. Type of environment, with physical structures that match the reference plan (ex. I-beams, columns, walls and doors).

Let your CSM know if you have very high measurement requirements for a specific capture.

*NOTE: The statement above represents a range of estimated accuracy from what we have documented in our tests. We found these results achievable in 90% of cases under normal operating conditions. Unique challenges in some environments may introduce unexpected errors.

To learn more, see our articles for How Photo Measurement Works and Taking Measurements in SiteView.

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