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Capture Mode Overview

Capture Mode Overview


Captures can be created using Video and Single Shot modes. Here is a short overview of each mode:


This is the default capture mode. With Video mode:
  • Record 360° video while you walk the site.
  • Record up to 60 minutes at a time*. Start again from the same location as needed.
  • Stop in any place for 3 seconds to take a high fidelity (HiFi) photo, then start walking.

For instructions on using Video mode to create a capture, refer to Capture Mode: Video.


This capture mode is used for single area captures where higher image quality is required. With Single Shot mode:
  • Take one 360° photo of an area.
  • Manually mark the location of each photo on the reference plan.

For instructions on using Single Shot mode to create a capture, refer to Capture Mode: Single Shot.

* = See the supported camera specs article for details.

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