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Capture Mode Overview

Capture Mode Overview



Captures can be created using Video and Single Shot modes. Here is a short overview of each method.


This is the recommended capture mode. It is the most flexible way to capture a site, allowing for 3D mapping, continuous image placement, and single, high-fidelity images.


Video mode features:
  • Record 360° video while you walk.
  • Choose from 2 types of video:
    • Video for 3D Map - record up to 20 minutes of video to generate a 360° virtual tour and 3D (dollhouse) map in SiteView. (Note: Good lighting is required for best results.)
    • 360° Video - record up to 60 minutes of video to generate a 360° virtual tour.
  • Take unlimited high-fidelity (HiFi) images of key locations.
  • Record an unlimited* amount of videos every day.


Tips for successful video capture:

  • Walk and turn at a normal pace.
  • Record with a helmet mount for hands-free movement and consistent camera elevation.
  • Record with a selfie stick to change the elevation and angle of the camera when needed. Usage:
    • Hold the selfie stick close to the front of your body and at least 6 inches above your head while walking.
    • When elevating the camera, make sure to move it slowly up and down to avoid blurry images in SiteView.
  • To take a high-fidelity (HiFi) image:
    1. Stop in any location for 3 seconds while keeping the camera as still as possible.
    2. Start walking again.
  • Walk a little slower in low-light areas.


This capture mode is used for single images of locations where higher image quality is required. We do not recommend this mode due to the need for manual image alignment on reference plans in SiteView.


Single Shot mode features:
  • Take one 360° image of an area at a time.
  • Manually mark the location of each image on the reference plan.
  • Edit the location and rotation of each image in SiteView as needed.
  • Record an unlimited* amount of images every day.


Tips for successful single photo capture:

  • Maintain good lighting and clear FOV (Field Of View).
  • Keep the camera still when taking a shot. We recommend the use of a tripod for best results.
  • Read this article for best practices when using different mounts.

* = The only technical limit is SD card storage capacity. Once you reach the storage capacity limit, delete older image files already uploaded to CupixWorks to free up space. Then continue capturing!

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