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Using your Camera

Using your Camera


Proper use of your 360° camera is very important for a successful capture, so here are ways to do so.

The Safe Zone

The Safe Zone is the bottom portion of the image, right below the 360° camera.

Keep your body hidden in the Safe Zone to get the best quality images.

Hide in the Safe Zone

Hide your entire body inside the Safe Zone, if possible.

Some of the things you don’t want to see outside of the Safe Zone:

  • The person holding the camera
  • Helmet or Selfie-stick
  • iOS device

Safe Zone Examples

Just don't do it!

It is important that the camera sees everything in the area, so DO NOT hold the camera as follows:

  • Mounted on your shoulder
  • In front or to the side of your body
  • In the front shirt pocket
  • In your hand

Mounting your Camera

Instead of the parrot or paparazzi techniques, we suggest using the following:

Helmet Mount

We recommend mounting your camera onto a Helmet for most captures. The helmet mount is good for:

  • Hands-free mobility
  • Better stability for higher fidelity results
  • Reduced fatigue

Tips for best practice:

  • Mount the camera so that the lenses are to the side.
  • Keep your arms at your side to avoid blocking the view.
  • Fasten your helmet tightly so the camera doesn’t shake.
  • Avoid hitting the camera on doorways or low ceilings.
  • Don’t turn your head abruptly.

Example of a 360° camera mounted on a helmet:

Note: Mount the camera sideways to avoid damaging the lenses.

Selfie-stick Mount

We recommend mounting your camera onto a Selfie-stick only when the situation merits it. Selfie-stick is good for:

  • Capturing above the ceiling level
  • Getting to high or hard-to-reach areas

Tips for best practice:

  • Hold the camera so that the lens is at least 6 inches directly above your head.
  • Keep your other arm at your side to avoid blocking the view.
  • Keep the iOS device by your side when recording video or snapping a photo.
  • Hold the Selfie-stick steady, and remain still, while taking high-fidelity photos.

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