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PlanGrid Integration

PlanGrid Integration

CupixWorks Integration for PlanGrid pairs CupixWorks 3D virtual jobsites with PlanGrid construction management and documentation. Connect your PlanGrid project with its corresponding CupixWorks project to manage jobsite tasks and RFIs remotely.

Connect PlanGrid Project to CupixWorks Project

To connect a CupixWorks project to its corresponding PlanGrid project, you will need to log into PlanGrid from CupixWorks to link both projects together.

Video: To see this process in action, check out our video on PlanGrid Integration Setup.

Follow the steps below to link your PlanGrid and CupixWorks projects:

  1. From the CupixWorks web app, navigate to the workspace and open the project you are interested in linking to PlanGrid.
  2. In the Project Center, from the left menu under Template click Integrations.
    If the project has not been linked to PlanGrid, within the PlanGrid dialogue box the 'Linked PlanGrid Project' status will appear as 'Not Set'.
  3. From the PlanGrid box, click Link to PlanGrid Project.
    The PlanGrid sign in will appear in a separate window.
  4. Enter your PlanGrid login email and password and click Log In.
  5. From the PlanGrid OAuth screen, click Give Permission to enable CupixWorks to access your PlanGrid account.
  6. Back in your CupixWorks browser window, from the Choose PlanGrid Project window, click the PlanGrid project name > Link.

Your current project in CupixWorks is now linked to the selected PlanGrid project, and the PlanGrid dialogue box will show the specific name of the project after 'Linked PlanGrid Project'.

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