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Sharing Basics

Basic Sharing Requirement

Users (identified by email address) can access items within a CupixWorks team via sharing of that item. Common shareable items within a team include Workspaces, Projects and SiteViews.

Becoming a User of a Team

Someone can become a user (also appears as "Members") by explicitly being added by an administrator of the team (eg: is added to your team) at which time that user gets an email notification he's been added to a user of the team. 

How to Share Items

Once someone is a user of the team, items can be shared with the user. Press the share button to do this. Administrators can share any item with a user. The person who creates an item (like a Project) can share it and child items (such as the Project's SiteView).

Blanket Sharing via Email Domain

A blanket email domain can be given access to an item by way of groups (eg: Group ACME, where anyone can immediately gain access to an item in CupixWorks). Notifications can’t be immediately sent when Blanket Sharing.CupixWorks can't send a notification to an entire email domain of course, so only people who know the URL link to the item would know it existed or try to gain access. When someone with an email that has been blanked shared visits the item, that person authenticates themselves via email (eg: types in their email address in order to access the blanket-shared item.

Users and groups can be viewed for a given team by administrators under Settings.

There are plenty of different items to share.

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