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Cupix Connect Options

Cupix Connect Options


Sign In Options

The options available when you sign in:

  • 'Region' - switch between US, Europe, and Australia server regions.
  • 'Sign in to your team' - continue to sign in.
  • 'Don't know your team URL?' - click to send an email to confirm your team URL.
  • 'Don't have a CupixWorks team yet?' - opens a contact form for you to ask questions, comment, or ask for assistance.

License Options

All license types come with the following features: 

  • Upload 360° Files
  • Upload Reality Capture
  • Download SiteView Content (Note: Must be a Team Admin to access this feature.)

Upload Options

Download Options

Top Menu Options

Here are the top menu options:

  • File
    • About Cupix Connect - Display the version currently installed on your computer.
    • Quit Cupix Connect - Shut down the application.
  • Edit
    • Cut - Use Ctrl + X to cut text from a field. 
    • Copy - Use Ctrl + C to copy text from a field.
    • Paste - Use Ctrl + V to paste text into a field.
    • Delete - Use Delete to remove text from a field.
    • Select All - Use Ctrl + A to select all text in a field.
  • Help
    • Acknowledgements - This takes you to a web page with the software we use to build the app.
    • Check for Updates - This checks to see if there is a newer version of Cupix Connect available to download.
    • Support Center - This takes you to our Cupix Connect support articles.
    • Cupix Website - This takes you to our corporate web site.
  • History - Click on  to view the history of your files, resume uploading/downloading, and view the status of an incomplete process.
  • Supprt Center - Click on  to open Connect support articles.
  • Open Settings - Click on   to change the Settings for Doenload and Cache Folder locations, and change the app's language.
  • Cupix account profile - Click to sign out of Cupix Connect, or read the privacy policy and terms of service.
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