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Cupix Connect Overview

Cupix Connect Overview


Cupix Connect is desktop software for moving data to the Cupix web platform. It works with current Windows & Mac operating systems. It currently supports: 

  • Upload 360° photos/ videos
  • Upload reality capture data (point cloud/ mesh files)

Download Cupix Connect HERE.

Upload 360° Files

This option allows you to upload 360° photos or videos from a desktop or laptop computer. The process contains 2 steps:

  1. Upload capture data using the Capture App.
  2. Upload 360° photos or videos using the Connect App.

Why use two different applications? Uploading 360° photos or videos can take minutes or hours due to large file sizes. You want to use the fastest, most reliable, high-speed network possible when uploading your photos or videos to the CupixWorks web platform.

The Connect App is designed to quickly upload your photos or videos using a Windows or Mac computer while connected to a local network (WiFi or ethernet based). 

Upload Reality Capture

This option allows you to upload reality capture data from a 3D scanner. Add a point cloud or mesh capture record in CupixWorks for use in a SiteView.

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