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Download SiteView Content



Use the Download SiteView Content feature to download images and capture data for an individual SiteView. You can then open, and navigate through it all in the SiteView Offline Viewer, which you can download HERE.

NOTES: To see this feature in Connect:

  • Contact your CSM to request access for your team.
  • Individual users must have Super Admin or Team Admin group access for it to appear in Connect. Your CSM can assist with this as well.

Note: You cannot download SiteView content using Connect once the Workspace status is 'Suspended'. Please contact your CSM for assistance if you need the data.


Here is the process:

1. Log into Connect and click on Download SiteView Content.

2. Enter the SiteView URL or ID.

The URL is an entire web address. Example:$Hll&ql=10689&qm1=1,-1&qv1=1,57087,-1,1,25987859,65,1.1,-15.1,2.2,0.71,0,0,0.71

The ID is the section of the web address with six letters and numbers in it that looks like this:

The ID in the above example is 8fxxsu.

You can also find the SiteView ID in the Project Admin Center > SiteViews list by clicking on the row with the SiteView:

NOTE: You can also filter by Level or Capture. This is useful when you only require a specific date range and/or level range.

3. Click on the Download button.

4. The next screen shows the SiteView name, the estimated file size, and the total file count.

IMPORTANT!  Your computer's hard drive must have at least twice as much storage space as the estimated size shown. The app caches the files while downloading is in process. Once completed, the cache files are removed.

Click on the Download button to start the process.

5. Once the download is complete, click Ok to confirm.

The folder that has all of your downloaded data in it will open automatically. 

6. Use SiteView Offline Viewer to open the file.

In our example, this would be 8fxxsu.cpxsv

(Note: The file format will always end with .cpxsv as the extension.)

Offline Viewer Notes

  • Offline Viewer supports 360° images and reference plans.
  • BIM, 3D dollhouses, and point cloud files are not included in the download, thus not viewable.
  • System requirements for viewing:
    • All files must reside in the same file folder structure as downloaded.
    • You can view the files on a PC/Mac computer or network drive.
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