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FAQ: Common Capture Issues

FAQ: Common Capture Issues

Here are some solutions to common issues when using the Capture App:

  1. Dirty lens
  2. Unsteady Single or Cluster Shot results
  3. Camera view obstructed by user or other objects
  4. Wrong position marked on Reference Plan in Capture App
  5. Advanced Settings in Capture App

Question #1: If my images and video are smeared and messy, how do I clear them up?

  • Answer: Use a soft cleaning cloth to remove dirt from the camera lens. Re-capture the areas that were affected.

Question #2: How can I steady the camera to produce better quality pano images and video?

  • Answer: Please be aware that there is a timing difference between the beep in the Capture App and the 360° camera itself. Remain very still when capturing with Single or Cluster Shot modes until you hear a final processing beep from the camera. We suggest practicing prior to going on site. 

An example is that a Mi Sphere will beep twice, while a Ricoh Theta Z1 will beep once.

If you cannot hear the camera's beep, turn up the volume using the vendor's Mobile App.

Question #3: How do I set up the camera so that myself and/ or other items don't obstruct the capture view?

Question #4: I marked the wrong position on the Reference Plan in the Capture App, so how can I fix it?

  • Answer: Delete the Area with the wrong position & capture it again using the correct position. If the Capture has already been processed, it cannot be deleted in the Capture App as it is unavailable. 

In the future, please make sure that you have the latest Project Template and select the correct location. You can do this by tapping on the Get Template button. If you don’t see the reference plan(s) you expected to see, please contact your administrator.

Question #5: How do I turn on the Advanced Settings in the Capture App?

  • Answer: Here are the steps:
  1. In the Capture App, tap on the Settings icon 
  2. Tap on Advanced.
  3. Tap on the toggle switches to change them from grey to green to activate an option.
  4. Swipe down, and then swipe left, to return to the previous screen.

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