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FAQ: Common Capture Issues

FAQ: Common Capture Issues


This is a list of frequently asked questions for the capture process. The list includes the typical camera, capture app, and upload issues users might experience.


SD Card Errors

Question: My Insta360 camera is showing the following on screen, "SD Card speed is too slow." How can I fix this?

Answer: Do the following:

  1. Turn off the camera.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Remove the SD card.
  4. Put the SD card & battery back in.
  5. Turn the camera back on to see if the error persists. If it does, please contact your CSM. Do not reformat it as the files might still be recoverable.

Question: I need to replace my SD card. What type should I buy?

Answer: Here are the supported specifications for each camera vendor:

  • Insta360 supports UHS-I V30 speed class, exFAT format SD cards with a maximum storage of 1TB. We recommend at least 128GB.
  • Ricoh (Theta X only) supports UHS-I speed class V30, exFAT format SD cards with a minimum storage of 64GB. We recommend no more than 1TB.

Incorrect Level Chosen

Question: I picked the incorrect level in TwinCapture. How can I fix it?

Answer: Contact your assigned CSM to provide the correct level.

Incorrect Starting Position on Reference Plan

Question: I marked the incorrect starting position on the Reference Plan in TwinCapture. How can I fix it?

Answer: Contact your assigned CSM to fix the positioning.

Low Camera Battery

Question: My camera stopped recording video after the battery charged around 10-15%. How do I avoid this in the future?

Answer: Your camera has difficulty operating properly when the battery is at, or below, 10-15% charge. We recommend:

  • Begin each site capture with a fully charged camera battery. 
  • If you plan to capture for more than 1 hour per day, purchase an extra battery or two to bring with you.

Blurry Panos in SiteView

Question: What is the best way to record video and lower the amount of blur showing SiteView?

Answer: Walk normally unless your results are sub-optimal. Here are examples of when you should slow down a little:

  • Walking through doorways or around corners.
  • Walking close to objects like forklifts, shelving, tables and chairs, construction materials, etc.
  • Walking through tight spaces like catwalks, and narrow corridors 4 feet wide or less, etc.
  • Walking through low-light areas.

Camera Storage Running Low

Question: I received a TwinCapture error message that my camera's storage is low. How do I clear some space so I can continue capturing the job site?

Answer: You access the storage of your camera using your mobile device or a computer. 

CAUTION: Before you delete any image files, make sure you upload everything captured first!

Insta360 Mobile App

Here are instructions for using the Insta360 mobile app on your mobile device:

  • To delete files from Insta360 cameras:
    1. Turn your Insta360 camera on.
    2. Open the Insta360 App. If not already on your mobile device, download it from the App Store/Play Store. Make sure you choose the version with the yellow circle and white background for the logo.
    3. Tap on Settings.
    4. Tap on Connect camera.
    5. Follow the process to connect or reconnect the camera.
    6. Tap on Album.
    7. Tap on the checkbox at the top right corner.
    8. Select all the photos and videos to be deleted.
    9. Tap on the trashcan icon at the bottom left.
    10. Tap on the Delete button.
    11. Reboot the mobile device to complete the process. Some mobile devices require you to power them off and then back on again.

IMPORTANT! ALWAYS reboot the mobile device after using the camera vendor's app. If not, it will compete with the TwinCapture for WiFi network resources and cause connection issues.


Here are instructions for using a laptop/desktop computer to delete photo and video files:

  1. Connect one of the following to the computer:
    • Your 360° camera and USB cable.
    • SD Card with microSD Card inserted in it.
  2. Once the camera or SD card is found, open the USB drive for it.
  3. Click through the folders until you find the one holding the photo and video files:
    • For Insta360, the folder path is DCIM -> Camera01.
    • For Ricoh, the folder path is DCIM -> 100Ricoh.
  4. Choose one of the following:
    • Copy the older image files to the computer & then delete them in the camera storage folder.
    • Delete the older image files in the camera storage folder w/o saving. Note: We do not recommend this unless you are 100% certain the files have been uploaded to the CupixWorks system.
  5. Disconnect your camera or SD card.

Camera Lenses

Question: The panos in SiteView appear dirty or smudged. How do I clean them up?

Answer: Re-capture the areas that were affected. We recommend cleaning the lenses before you start every site capture.

Question: I see a smear in all my panos in SiteView that doesn't go away after cleaning the lens. What is it?

Answer: This could indicate that the lens has been scratched, cracked, or otherwise damaged in some way. You can try to buff it out or else replace the camera (or camera lens module if using a One RS 1-inch camera).

Reset Camera

Question: My camera is malfunctioning. Is there a way to reset it?

Answer: Yes, you can reset some camera models back to factory default settings. Others can be hard reset. Here are the options:

Uploading Files

Upload Process and Common Issues

Basic Capture Upload Process

A site is captured with the TwinCapture on a mobile device and a supported 360° camera. There are 2 types of data captured:

  • Capture Data (information about the location of the shot, etc.)
  • Image files (360° single photos and videos)

Here is the upload sequence:

  1. The Capture Data is uploaded to the CupixWorks website from the app.
  2. The CupixWorks website is now ready to receive the image files.
  3. The image files are uploaded in one of the following ways:
    • TwinCapture (not recommended unless you are located in an office with really good WiFi).
    • The Connect App (highly recommended).
    • The TwinCapture button in the Project Admin Center -> Captures screen.
  4. Once the image files are processed, they become available for use in SiteView. (The website generates a preview and then finalized versions of videos.)

Common Issues

There are common issues that cause capture submissions to slow down or stop altogether. Here are some questions and answers for dealing with these issues:

Question: Why does the Upload/Sync process work slowly or stop on my mobile device?

Answer: The most common reasons for this are:

  • The Wi-Fi/cellular signal is too weak or the upload speed is too slow.
  • There are security policies (VPN, firewall, etc.) hindering the connection to a CupixWorks domain. See Network Issues below for more details on fixing this type of issue.
  • TwinCapture has been closed or you have opened another app.
  • The mobile device was turned off before the process was completed.
  • The environment is blocking/interfering with the WiFi signal.


  • Go to a location with good WiFi internet upload speed. We recommend ~20mbps or faster for best results. Then use a computer and Connect App -> Upload 360° Photos option to submit the image files.

Question: When uploading image files to the CupixWorks website with my browser, why does my upload slow down or stop entirely?

Answer: The most common reasons for this are:

  • The tab with the CupixWorks website is out of view while working on another tab in the same browser window.
  • The browser handling the upload has been minimized or closed.
  • The computer went into sleep mode or was turned off before the upload was completed.


  • When uploading image files to CupixWorks, keep the upload tab displayed until the upload is complete.
  • Leave the browser up and open during the entire submission upload process.
  • Keep the computer on during the entire submission upload process.

Question: When uploading INSV image file pairs from my Insta360 camera, one of them is duplicated and stops me from uploading. What can I do?

Answer: Please contact your CSM or email to report the error. We will re-index your project & advise when you can try again.

Less Common Upload Issues

Duplicate Capture Upload

Question: I uploaded duplicate captures. What can be done to fix the issue?

Answer:  Please contact your CSM and let them know which capture area(s) are duplicated so we can remove one of them.

Point Cloud Not Uploading

Question: My point cloud will not upload. How do I fix this?

Answer: Contact your CSM for further assistance. Provide a screenshot of the issue/error message in Connect with your email.

No Capture Data Found

Question: How do I correct the issue when no capture data is found?

Answer: Sometimes the capture data isn't properly recorded in TwinCapture. This can occur due to camera WiFi disconnection, a capture app error, or other issues. These files can be uploaded to the project using these instructions.

If you aren't able to access the project due to limited permissions, please report the issue to your CSM. 

Also, depending on the results, the CSM might contact you for more details on the correct alignment/starting placement.

Non-compatible Images

Question: What happens if I upload image files incompatible with CupixWorks software?

Answer: The capture will not be processed. Examples of incompatible imagery include normal photos from a cell phone's single-lens camera. Your CSM will contact you concerning the issue.

Unsupported Hardware

Question: What happens if I capture imagery with an unsupported camera or mobile device?

Answer: The capture might not be processed. If it is processed, the results might be sub-optimal & require a re-capture of the site.

Hardware compatibility should be confirmed before capturing a site. See the list of supported cameras.

Location/Capture Data Mismatch

Question: What needs to be done to fix panos that do not match the location or other data?

Answer: Contact your CSM with the details of your issue.

Note: Important details concerning image files:

  • Please do not change the image file name. If a file has been renamed, please change it back to its original name to match the location/ capture data. Our server cannot match the file name with the capture data when altered.
  • Please confirm that the images you upload belong to that specific capture date and level.

Network Issues

Network and SSL Upload Errors

Question: Why am I unable to upload/download with CupixWorks apps (website, Connect, TwinCapture)?

Answer: If you receive an error message that says your network security is blocking an upload or download, check to see if your network uses software for filtering network traffic. It might be a VPN, firewall, or other security software.

Here are some ways to check:

Website/Connect App

  • Try using a different WiFi/local network.
  • Check if your security software is blocking any type of network traffic to/from * You might see a pop-up warning from the security software indicating it blocked an attempt to connect.
  • Check your network speed at and make sure you have ~10mbps upload speed or more. Anything slower than this can cause SSL server timeouts and sever the connection.


If nothing above helps, email We may need your IT department to whitelist the domains below.

Domain Whitelist

We recommend using a wildcard rule for CupixWorks domains:


We also recommend whitelisting the following domains:

Note: Domains marked with an asterisk (*) do not require you to add every sub-domain.

Network Ports and Protocols

  • All communication with Procore is accomplished using the HTTPS and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols.
  • All communication happens over port 443.
  • Real-time updates in certain client applications occur over the WebSocket Secure protocol, also on port 443.
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