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SiteInsights Dashboard Overview

SiteInsights Dashboard Overview



The SiteInsights Dashboard consists of two pages:

  • Overview - Provides an overview of the project progress.
  • Completion Details - This shows the level of completion for each category based on status and phase.

Overview Page

The Overview page contains:

  • Overall Progress is represented:
    • In value (when unit costs are assigned).
    • In percentage (when Unit costs are not assigned).
  • Overall project progress in quantity per sub-category or percentage of average completion rate per capture date.
  • Overview for three different parameters per category:
    • Complete
    • Planned
    • (Project) Total

The Overview page has the top menu options as seen in the image below:

  1. Overview Page
  2. Completion Details Page
  3. Filter by Date
  4. Filter by Level
  5. Filter by Category + Subcategory

Completion Details Page

The Completion Details page contains:

  • The progress of each category is based on status and phase.
  • Reality Check toggle: Turn on/off color-coded BIM based on either the status or the phase with a synchronized capture viewer. (We leave this turned off by default for faster load times.)

(The above image shows the default Status view.)

(The above image shows the Phase view.)

(The above image shows Reality Check turned on.)

The Completion Details page has the top menu options as seen in the image below:

  1. Color BIM by Status(can be filtered by clicking on one):
    •  Completed 
    •  On-going  (Refers to objects & categories of objects with multiple intermediate phases.)
    •  Not Started  (The default setting.)
  2. Color BIM by Phase - Shows the phase of each category.
  3. Reality Check* - Toggle on/off to show the BIM model and Capture Viewer.
  4. On Schedule - Toggle on/off to show items on schedule.
  5. Behind Schedule - Toggle on/off to show items behind schedule.
  6. View Options:
    • Swap % & quantities - Change the display doe each level.
    • Toggle cell background - Turn the cell progress color on/off.

* = When Reality Check is selected, it shows a synchronized BIM model and Capture Viewer. Note the following: 

  • The default view of the BIM viewer is set to 2D for quicker generation of the SiteInsights highlighter.
  • Clicking on 3D View enables a synchronized 3D mode in the BIM viewer (see image below). The primary options are:
    1. 2D/ 3D mode of BIM viewer
    2. Print Highlighted Drawing

More Details on Phases

When viewing the Phase tab on the Completion Details page, it is important to note that not all categories have multiple phases:

  • Categories might be incomplete & complete or not started & completed.
  • Other categories might have multiple phases. When this is the case the phase tab displays those phases.

Here are examples:

  • Basic Wall Phases:
    • Not-Started
    • Framing Done
    • SheetRock Done
    • Painting
    • Done (when Painting is Done)
  • Ceiling Phases:
    • Not-Started
    • Framing Done
    • Gypsum Done
    • Done (when Gypsum is Done)
  • Floors:
    • Not-Started
    • Concrete-Done
    • Tiles-Done
    • Done (when Tiles are Done)

There are many types of objects (categories that don't go through a phase). These include:

  • Ducts:
    • Not-Started
    • Installed
    • Done (when Installed)
  • Doors:
    • Not-Started
    • Doors Hung
    • Done (when Doors Hung)

The terms we use are "Not-Started" and "Completed" for Done if an Element type doesn't have any intermediate Phases.

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