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SiteView Depth Pick Measurement

SiteView Depth Pick Measurement



Depth Pick is a unique point-picking approach developed by Cupix. This feature enables you to effortlessly select 3D Coordinates within a 360° panoramic image with just a single click. Unlike the previous Stereo-matching method, Depth Pick allows a seamless selection of 3D Coordinates on edges or corners, even on flat surfaces lacking distinct patterns or textures. By rendering the process of selecting 3D coordinates more user-friendly and intuitive, Depth Pick enhances the overall usability of functions that demand 3D coordinate selection, such as dimension measuring.

What Is It?

  • The easiest, most intuitive way to select points and measure directly in a 360° pano view (Capture Viewer).
  • Depth Pick enables measuring and selecting detailed corners of space without the need for stereo matching.

3D Dollhouse Visibility In Capture Viewer

Enable the display of the 3D Dollhouse by selecting Dollhouse under the Filter Visibility option in the Capture Viewer.

User Value

  • Depth Pick allows users to measure and select specific points in a 360° pano view with a single click. This reduces the time and effort required for manual selection or stereo-matching techniques.
  • Depth Pick enables users to select precise corners and points in space. This allows for detailed measurements at specific locations.
  • By significantly reducing the number of picking points on 360° views, a wide range of measurements (such as area, path, radius, and angle) are efficiently streamlined.
  • Users have the capability to directly access and measure using the 3D Dollhouse from inside the Pano viewer.


As an example, here is how to measure distance using Depth Pick:

  1. Click on Measure on the left side menu.
  2. Click on Distance  .
  3. Pick the start and end points for the measurement on the pano view.
  4. Click on the Save button.


Depth pick is not available in the SiteView. What are the possible reasons?

  • A 3D Dollhouse is required for Depth Pick to function. Either there is no 3D Dollhouse or it is still in the processing stage & doesn't show in SiteView yet.
  • The 3D Dollhouse lacks geometry in a specific area for DepthPick to work, so Stereo Pick has been initiated instead.

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