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Install CupixWorks App from the Procore Marketplace

Install CupixWorks App from the Procore Marketplace


Administrator Details

  • The CupixWorks app is available in the Procore Marketplace. By integrating with CupixWorks within Procore, users can embed SiteViews within linked Procore projects.
  • Only Company Admins can enable the installation of apps in Procore. (See the Procore support article for the definition of a 'Company Admin'.)
  • Once a Company Admin has enabled access, anyone with Company Admin permissions can install the CupixWorks app. (See the Procore support article for more details.)

Find and Install CupixWorks in Procore

Here is how to find and install the CupixWorks app:

  1. Log into your Procore company and click Company Tools.
  2. Under Core Tools, click Admin.
  3. From the right menu under Company Settings, click App Management.
  4. Click Install App, then select Install App from Marketplace.
  5. You will need to log into the Procore Marketplace with your Procore account.
  6. In the search bar, search for "Cupix" and click CupixWorks from the search prediction to open the CupixWorks app page.
  7. On the CupixWorks app page, click Install App > Install.
  8. Click the "X" button to close the Installation Successful message.
  9. The Create Configuration window will appear - Follow the directions in Embed a SiteView Within a Procore Project to continue creating a configuration or click Skip to close the window.

The CupixWorks app will now appear on the Installed Apps page.

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