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Embed a SiteView Within a Procore Project

Embed a SiteView Within a Procore Project


CupixWorks is offered among Procore's variety of applications and processes ready for integration, allowing clients to easily manage their projects across different platforms.  By installing the CupixWorks app from the Procore Marketplace, users can embed and access CupixWorks SiteViews within their linked Procore projects.

Note: You must be a System Administrator within Procore to set up the embedded experience.

Set Up the SiteView Embedded Experience

To create a configuration and embed a SiteView:

  1. Log into Procore, and navigate to the Procore project you want to embed the SiteView into.
  2. Click Select an App > App Management.
  3. On the App Management page listing installed apps, click View next to the CupixWorks app.
    Note: If CupixWorks is not listed, you can install the CupixWorks app from the Marketplace if you are a system administrator within Procore.
  4. From the CupixWorks app page, navigate to the Configurations tab.
  5. Click Create Configuration to open the Create Configuration dialogue.
  6. Under Projects, select the CupixWorks project that contains the SiteView you want to embed.
  7. Under Title, give the configuration a name (i.e.: SiteView).
  8. Under CupixWorks Team URL, paste or type in the unique team URL within the SiteView URL.
    Tip: If the SiteView URL is, the team URL is samples.
  9. Under CupixWorks SiteView ID, paste or type in the ID within the SiteView URL.
    Tip: If the SiteView URL is, the SiteView ID is oc9djv.
  10. Click Create to finish configuring the embed code of the SiteView within the project.
  11. Go to the Projects tab to verify the CupixWorks project is configured for your current Procore project.

To access the embedded experience:

  1. Navigate back to your Procore project by clicking Select a Project at the top, then click the project name.
  2. Click Select an App, then under Apps click CupixWorks-Configuration Title.

The SiteView you specified when you created the configuration will load embedded within Procore.

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