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Video Capture

Video Capture


Why Choose Video Mode?

Cupix recommends using the TwinCapture's Video Mode to capture a site. Here's why:

  • Video for 3D Map records a single Area for up to 20 minutes to generate a 3D dollhouse.
  • 360° Video records a single Area for up to 1 hour at a time.
  • At any time while recording, you can stop for a few seconds to capture a higher resolution photo, then continue walking the site.
  • 360° panos are automatically positioned for your SiteView.
  • Video mode handles 99% of use cases when recording a site.
  • Our AI system enhances all images, which speeds up the entire capture process from start to finish.


Basic guidelines for successful video capture include:

  • Open doors and turn on lights before you capture.
  • Walk & turn at your normal pace.
  • To take a higher resolution photo of an area, stop for 3 seconds, then continue walking.

Watch an example video capture:

Walking Path Examples

Here is an example of a GOOD video walking path:

Here is an example of the BEST video walking path:

Notice how there is less spacing in the walking path above. In general, walking more in an area is better than less.

Best Practices

Here are some recommendations for a successful video capture:

Plan your Walking Path

Before creating a capture, familiarize yourself with the location and plan your path by walking through the site with the reference plan you will use. Planning the path before recording ensures you won't forget to capture certain areas that are easy to overlook. This is especially important if you will be creating and comparing multiple digital twins of the same site using captures taken on different dates. You do not want areas like rooms or short hallways to be missing in the final capture.


  • When capturing large spaces, make sure to walk back and forth across the area to fully capture the space. This can be achieved by walking in a 'S' or lawnmower pattern.
  • When capturing a narrow area (i.e., hallway), walk straight through it. Avoid getting too close to the walls.

Practice your Capture

Before recording long video captures of a site, we highly suggest doing a short practice capture and uploading it using TwinCapture. Practicing will help you find the best walking speed, acceptable arm/head movements, and path for the actual capture.

Get Better Results in SiteView

  • Walk at a normal pace during the entire video capture.
  • Slow down if you see your results are blurry.
  • Slow down when turning.
  • When using the helmet mount:
    • Keep your head steady and avoid shaking or bobbing. If you need to look in a different direction, turn your head slowly.
    • Keep your head upright and facing forward while recording.
    • Avoid tilting your head up or down (i.e., looking at the floor or ceiling).
  • When using a selfie stick:
    • Avoid shaking or moving the stick around quickly.
    • Hold the stick close to your chest.
    • Keep the camera 6 inches above your head so you don't take up the scene.
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