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Generate A Timeline Report

Generate A Timeline Report



Want to see the progress of a specific location in one report in a SiteView? Take a screenshot and generate a timeline report in HTML format. This function allows you can view the progression of a specific area on different dates in SiteView. Watch the video to see how it works:


Here is the process:

       1. In the Capture Viewer, click on the Take a screenshot and generate a timeline report  icon.

       2. The Generate Timeline Report box will appear.

Here you can add a Title and Description for your report, and then choose which captures to include in the report:

  • Current Capture - Show the date you are currently on.
  • Current and Following Captures - Show the current date, as well as all following dates. 
  • Current and Previous Captures - Show the current date, as well as all previous dates.
  • All Captures - Show all dates.

Slide the toggle on to include measurements in the comparison.

Once you have decided on the option, click the Export button.

3. Depending on the number of captures, it may take a few seconds or minutes to generate the HTML report. Once done, it will download the report (Screenshot.HTML in this example) into your browser's selected download folder.

4. Click on the HTML file to open it in your default browser.


  • You can print the HTML file on paper or as a PDF file using your web browser. 
  • If you choose the PDF format, make sure that Background Graphics/ Print Backgrounds is checked in the Print Settings of your browser. If not checked, your Timeline report will be missing graphics that show the progression.
  • Below is an example HTML file with a Timeline Report showing a specific capture view from December 13th, 2019, and all other dates from this SiteView.
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