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How to Measure Volume in SiteView

How to Measure Volume in SiteView



Drone software efficiently measures the volume of:

  • Stockpiles
  • Crop yields
  • Earthworks
  • Mining pits
  • Quarries
  • And more!

CupixWorks makes it easier and faster with a 360° camera alone.

What Is It?

  • Easy, fast, and accurate volume measurement for 3D dollhouse models and imported point cloud data from external scanners.

  • It measures extrusion in both directions from a base plane.

(Formula: Net Volume = Above the Plane - Below the Plane)

User Value

Volume measurement methods have significant value in various industries due to their ability to determine the amount of space occupied by a substance:

  • Construction & Architecture - Earth cut & fill, excavation, stockpiles measurement, and more.
  • Logistics - Inventory tracking, optimizing cargo space.
  • Agriculture - estimating the growth of crops.


Here is how to measure volume in SiteView:

  1. Click on Measure, then Volume.
  2. Open a 3D dollhouse in the Plan Viewer.
  3. Clip a 3D dollhouse in XYZ direction to avoid including unwanted points in the calculation.
  4. At this point, you can choose from several methods:
    • Method 1 - Measure volume from a base plane.
    • Method 2 - Measure a volume without a base plane.


Method 1 - Measure a volume without a base plane:

  1. Click on Volume.
  2. Pick points to designate an area.
  3. Hit the Enter button.

Method 2 - Measure volume from a base plane:

  1. Click on Plane.
  2. Create a base plane by picking points.
  3. Hit the Enter button.
  4. Click on Volume.
  5. Select the base plane.
  6. Pick points to designate an area.
  7. Hit the Enter button.


Can you create a base plane other than in the X-Y direction?

  • Yes. A base plane is created based on the normal value of a point. You are able to create a plane from many points.

Will it work on a volume with a rugged surface?

  • Yes, it will work with irregular surfaces but any dents on the side of objects will be disregarded in the calculation. (For instance, it is like draping a piece of cloth on a target object. Only the cloth is seen.)

Can I undo the last point I picked?

  • Yes, hit Control+Z.

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