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FAQ: Network Speed Issues

FAQ: Network Speed Issues



When using Connect to either upload or download files, you may experience issues if your internet speed is not fast enough. Here are some issues that might be related to slow upload/download speed:

  • Uploading multiple files results in the need to retry repeatedly as only some are successfully uploaded or not at all.
  • Downloading large amounts of SiteView content results in the need to retry repeatedly or it doesn't work at all.

Our recommendations:

  • Download speed: a minimum of 100Mbps.
  • Upload speed: a minimum of 10Mbps.

The faster the internet network speed, the better.

Speed Test

To test your current speeds:

  1. In your web browser, go to (or your trusted internet speed testing site).
  2. Click on the big round Go button.
  3. Check the results to see if you meet the minimum requirements. For example, these are my typical speeds:

If you run into an issue and cannot resolve it, please contact us at

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