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Viewing Rooms in SiteView

Viewing Rooms in SiteView



In CupixWorks, a Room is defined as a space divided by boundaries, such as walls, ceilings, or polylines. A Room is also a basic unit that represents a space with meaning. Some examples include a conference room, a parking lot, a reception area, or a restroom. A SiteView Room can help you navigate and better understand a space as you walk through it.

Rooms can either be uploaded in a BIM file or created using the Sketch Tool in the Level Editor in the CupixWorks app. Once a Room has been added, SiteView can display it inside of 360° pano images, 2D reference plans and 3D BIM models. You can view a list of all available Rooms with the Rooms Widget Window:

How to enable Rooms in SiteView

The Rooms Widget Window can be added by clicking on the Manage Widgets icon or the Add a new widget icon that show in the top Toolbar menu.

Manage Widgets:

  1. Click on Manage Widgets
  2. Click on the Rooms Layout button change the entire existing one to a Rooms centric set of Widgets: 

Add a new Widget:

  1. Click on Add a new widget
  2. Click the Rooms button, but note that there can only be one Rooms Viewer at a time: 

Using the Rooms Widget

Once you have added a Rooms Layout or Widget, you can do the following:

  • Search for Rooms by name
  • Filter for Rooms with or without panos
  • View Rooms with captures from different Levels and days

Search by Name

To search for Rooms by name, type the letters or numbers in the Filter by Name field. As you type, the table list will change to show only records that contain those letters or numbers.

Hit the back button to clear the letters or numbers, or else click on the X.

When searching Rooms by name, there may be duplicate names used for different rooms. If you find it hard to navigate with walk-through mode, switch to 3D mode to view the Room as a 3D object on the 2D Reference Plan.

Filter with or without Panos

To filter Rooms with, or without panos present, click on the toggle slider to change it from grey to blue.

The Rooms table lists the following:

  • The Name of the Room.
  • The Level it is located on.
  • The name of the Capture.
  • Any panos in the Room.
  • Any panos nearby.
  • When no panos are present or nearby.

Rooms that contain panos inside them will have a blue pinpoint with a dot in the middle: 

Rooms that have panos nearby them will have a blue pinpoint with a dotted outline: 

Rooms that do not have any panos in them or nearby will not have a pinpoint icon.

When you hover over a row, that Room’s 3D box will appear in the Capture Viewer and Plan Viewer. If you have trouble viewing it in Walk-through mode, switch to 3D mode to view the Room as a 3D object on the 2D Reference Plan.

Captures from Different Levels and Days

The Room Widget allows you to view the entire set of captures from different levels and days. This allows you to view the progression of the tour over time.

If there are too many levels and dates to see in the default sizing, just drag the window edges to expand its size in your monitor.

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