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Viewing Rooms in SiteView

Viewing Rooms in SiteView



In CupixWorks, a Room is defined as a space divided by boundaries, such as walls, ceilings, or polylines. A Room is also a basic unit that represents a space with meaning. Some examples include a conference room, a parking lot, a reception area, or a restroom. A SiteView Room can help you navigate and better understand a space as you walk through it.

Rooms can either be uploaded in a BIM file or created using the Sketch Tool in the Level Editor in the CupixWorks app. Once a Room has been added, SiteView can display it inside of 360° pano images, 2D reference plans and 3D BIM models. 

Enable Rooms in Viewers

  • Plan Viewer - Right-click & click on the box next to Rooms.
  • Capture Viewer - Click on Filter visibility , then click on the box next to Rooms.

Captures Table

To view a list of captures as well as rooms:

1. Click on Captures in the side menu to view the list of all available Rooms in each Level.

2. Click on the left-side down arrows to expand/contract the view:

Hovering over the different pano locations highlights the rows and columns. This is useful when there are a lot of rooms available for viewing.

Search for Rooms

You can search for Rooms in several different ways:

  • Search for Rooms by name
  • Search for Rooms by Level

To search for Rooms, type the letters or numbers in the Search Rooms field at the top. As you type, the table list will change to show only records that contain those letters or numbers.

Hit the keyboard back button to clear the letters or numbers, or else click on the to cancel the search.

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