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Viewing Rooms in SiteView

Viewing Rooms in SiteView

Sometimes BIM files available in SiteView contain rooms defined by name and 3D space. When these rooms are imported from a published BIM model to a CupixWorks project, users in the SiteView can search for those rooms and view them within the as-built digital twins or in 3D mode on the reference plans. Extracting and adding rooms to a SiteView provides another way to help SiteView users navigate and contextualize the corresponding as-built 3D digital twins. If you are a CupixWorks team member who wants to add the rooms functionality in your SiteView, check out our article on setting up rooms within your CupixWorks project.

Video: To see this process in action, check out our video on Viewing Rooms in SiteView.

Search for Room

Once rooms are imported and available within a SiteView, searching for the room is straightforward:

  1. In the upper left menu within the Search SiteView field, type in the name or number of the room.
  2. From the drop down list, click the name of the room, and the SiteView will automatically navigate you to the pano closest to the center of that room.

Notice that while typing in the name or room number in the Search SiteView field, 3D representations of listed rooms are overlaid within the panoramic image.  Hovering your mouse over a room name in the drop down list will also automatically highlight the corresponding 3D representation of that room.

Visualizing Rooms in 3D Space

When you have multiple rooms with similar names, for example offices within a co-working space, all 3D offices will be displayed in pano view when the search term "Office" is used. These overlapping 3D spaces may make it difficult to understand where each room is positioned relative to each other. To better visualize the locations of each room, use 3D mode in SiteView, which will display each room as a 3D object on a 2D reference plan.

No Panos in a Room

Sometimes, panos were not taken within a room you are interested in viewing. When an empty room is clicked, SiteView will display a message in the bottom right corner of the window with a warning that no panos are nearby to display.

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