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SiteView Settings

SiteView Settings


Screen Layouts

SiteView has 2 layout options:

  • Grid Layout - Viewers stay in place and cannot be undocked for viewing on another monitor.
  • Freeform Layout - Viewers can be moved anywhere on the screen and can be undocked for viewing on another monitor.

To create different layouts for SiteView, please read the SiteView Designer article.

Left Side Menu

Menu Views

There are 2 different menu views:

  • Collapsed - Default view when opening a SiteView.
  • Expanded - Click on the  menu icon to expand the menu. This menu view shows the Team logo, street view map, Project Admin Center link, and Sign in/out option. The Measure option is hidden.

Menu Options

Here are the menu options:

  • Viewer Widgets (various) - Quickly switch from one set of viewers to another.
  • Annotations - Communicate changes within your team.
  • Captures - View a table with captures from different dates.
  • Zoom Fit - Restore the zoom to its default level.
  • Measure - Take measurements within panos or reality captures.
  • Share - Get a short link to share the SiteView with others.

Viewer Options

Capture Viewer

Here are the options:

Top Options

The top options are:

  • Filter visibility  - Turn the visibility of different options on or off.
  • Brighten u - Turn on to brighten up the panos (images).
  • Timeline report  - Take a screenshot of the Capture Viewer as it currently appears and generate an HTML file that shows the timeline progression of that specific capture view on different dates.
  • Pano information  -Shows details about the current pano (image) being viewed.

The following top menu options appear when a point cloud is present on the selected capture date:

  • Load Reality Capture  - View reality capture data (point cloud/ mesh).
  • 3D Mode  and Walk-through Mode  - Switch between the 3D model and the pano (image) view.
  • Flatness Heatmap  - Enables options for filtering the reality capture by elevation.
  • Show Clipping Tool  - Clip the view of reality captures and transported 3D objects in the X-Y-Z planes.
  • Preferences  - See Reality Capture Preferences below for more details.

Bottom Options

The bottom options are:

  • Level Selector - Change levels.
  • Capture Date Range Selector - Change dates using a calendar view or a list view.

Right-Click Options

The following right-click options are available when viewing specific data types, such as a pano, reality capture, BIM, and Single Shot pano:

  • Navigation - move back and forth through panos.
  • Pano Bubbles- Turn pano bubbles on and off. When enabled, a menu will appear with options: 
    • Filter selectable pano bubbles by elevation.
    • Change the radius of the bubble itself.
    • Adjust the length of the bubble stand (the stick that is attached at the bottom of the bubble).
    • The bubble stand projects into the ground. This overrides the above bubble stand adjustment.
  • Annotations - Turn annotations on and off.
  • Rooms - Turn rooms on and off.
  • Sketch Drawings - Turn them on and off.
  • (3D) Dollhouse - Turn them on and off.
  • 3D Objects - View and transform 3D objects transported from a BIM Viewer.
  • Single Shot Pano Editing- Single Shot editing options:
    • Rotate ("spin") the pano either clockwise or counterclockwise 90°.
    • Reposition the pano location using the Plan Viewer.

Plan Viewer


Here are the options:

  • Reference Plan Selector  - View or hide reference plans.
  • Transparency Slider  - Change the level of image transparency in the Plan Viewer.
  • View 3D Dollhouse  - View a 3D dollhouse created from a 3D Map Video. See the section below for details.
  • Map views:
    • True North  - change the view to true north.
    • Satellite View  - Show a satellite map view (real trees, cars, houses, etc.).
    • Map View  - Show a live map view (building outlines, street names, addresses, etc.)
  • Zoom options - Zoom in and out with the mouse scroll wheel or click on the Plus and Minus icons. Click Reset Zoom   to return to the default view.
  • Right-click options:
    • Show Sketch Drawings - Show or hide Sketch Objects (when enabled).
    • Sync with Capture Viewers - Choose to sync the Plan Viewer with a specific Capture Viewer.

Panos and Viewports

  • The location of each standard image (also called a pano) is marked with a light blue dot  . Click on a blue dot to view the pano.
  • The location of each High Fidelity image (Hi-Fi pano) is marked with a white star in a purple dot  . Click on a Hi-Fi pano to view it.
  • The pano currently displayed in each Capture Viewer is highlighted in orange, pink, green, or light blue. Each color represents a different Capture Viewer.

  • The highlighted pano also has a viewport field of view (FOV). This represents the level of zoom selected using the mouse scroll wheel. 

  • The viewport FOV faces the direction you are pointing.

  • The viewport rotates as you turn in the pano, and the view becomes smaller or larger as you zoom in and out of the pano, respectively.

3D Dollhouse

This is part of the Plan Viewer. Here are the options:

  • Reference Plan Selector  - View or hide reference plans.
  • Perspective/Orthographic View - Switch between the 2 views:
    • Perspective - Mimics the perception of the human eye, with objects getting smaller the further away they are.
    • Orthographic - Parallel lines remain parallel and all parts have the same size.
  • Camera Preset  - Choose from preset views: Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left, and Right.
  • Hide/Show Pano Bubbles  - Hide or show pano bubbles in the 3D dollhouse.
  • Elevation Heatmap  - View the 3D dollhouse elevation heatmap.
  • Reset Zoom    - Zoom in and out with the mouse scroll wheel or click on the Plus and Minus icons. Click this to return to the default view.
  • Show Clipping Tool - Options:
    • Clip the view in the X-Y-Z planes.
    • Download Point Cloud - Download the 3D dollhouse in either PLY or XYZ format.
  • 3D View Settings - Options:
    • Point Size - Change the size of the points in px format.
    • Point Transparency - Change the opacity of points from 100% to 0% and in between.
    • Pano Bubble Size - Choose the size of pano bubbles from Small, Medium, and Large.
    • Hide surfaces facing the camera - Hide or show point surfaces from view.

BIM Viewer

Top Menu

Here are the top menu options:

  • Transport  - Appears when an object has been selected. This allows you to transport one or more objects to the Capture Viewer and Plan Viewer.
  • Measure Distance  - Measure the distance or angle of an object or several objects.
  • Add X-Y-Z and Box Clipping Planes  - Show or hide objects on different planes.
  • Levels  - Lists all levels in the BIM.
  • Model Structure  - Turn specific object model types on and off. This is useful for viewing specific areas that are blocked from view by walls and other objects.
  • Properties  - Click on any object in the BIM to see details like constraints, material type, cost, dimensions, and more.
  • Settings  - Adjust the BIM viewer settings.
  • Filter visibility  - Show or hide pano bubbles in the BIM.

Right-Click Options

Here are the right-click options:

  • When no object is selected:
    • Select Shown - All objects are selected and can be transported.
    • Show All - View all hidden objects.
    • Show Properties - Shows details on the selected object.
    • Unsync Camera- Change the view and examine BIM objects outside of the current pano (image file). Once enabled, the following new options are available:
      • Fly Mode  - Navigate the BIM file using a first-person view.
      • Orthographic/Perspective View  - Choose from orthographic or perspective views of the BIM model.
      • Reset View  - Return the view to the original one. This is only active when the Capture Viewer and BIM Viewer are desynchronized.
  • Additional options when an object is selected:
    • Isolate - Only view the object(s) selected.
    • Hide Selected - Hide the selected object(s).
    • Hide Unselected - Hide everything but the selected object(s).
    • Focus - Brings the screen into focus on the selected object(s).
    • Transport Selected - Transport the selected object(s) to Capture Viewer and Plan Viewer.
    • Select in SiteInsights - View the selected object(s) in SiteInsights.


Bottom Option

The bottom option:

  • BIM Selector - Choose from different BIM files.

3rd Party Viewers

Here are the model options:

Each viewer has its own unique options for navigation.

Note: 3rd Party Viewers only appear if enabled in SiteView Designer.

Undock and Dock

This function is available for:

  • Capture Viewer (not main viewer)
  • Plan Viewer
  • BIM Viewer

Note: You must publish the SiteView using Freeform Layout to enable undocking.

To undock and dock a viewer:

  1. Hold the mouse button down and drag the viewer to the right or left side of the screen until you see "Drag and drop to undock viewer in a new browser window".
  2. The viewer will open in a separate window. You can view this new window on the current monitor screen or drag it into another one for viewing.
  3.  Click on Undocked to bring the viewer back into the original SiteView browser tab.

Reality Capture Preferences

Reality Capture Preferences  appear in the Capture Viewer when a reality capture is enabled. Here are the available options:

Point Limit per Frame

This option allows you to set the maximum number of points to be loaded per frame. 


  • Rendering more points may decrease browsing speed.

Point Size

Choose between Fixed and Adaptive (the default) point sizing. 


  • Fixed will render all points at the size you select.
  • Adaptive will render points based on density per region.

Point Color Mode

Select from four different color modes:

  • RGB uses the colors (Red, Blue, Green) specified in the source file.
  • CMY uses the colors (Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow) specified in the source file.
  • Elevation uses a gradation (Min Elevation to Max Elevation) of color between two colors chosen in the source file.
  • Intensity uses a gradation (Min Intensity to Max Intensity) of color between two colors chosen in the source file.

Point Cloud Silhouette

Turn the Point Cloud Silhouette on and off.

Hide surfaces facing the camera

Turn surfaces that face the camera on and off.

Web Browser Requirements


SiteView makes heavy use of graphics, so we recommend using a web browser that is compatible with WebGL to properly display 360° photos, videos, point clouds, and BIM files. WebGL allows your browser to render 2D images and 3D models from SiteView without using plug-ins.

We highly recommend accessing SiteView with Google Chrome.

Enabling WebGL in Google Chrome

Check if your Google Chrome web browser and computer's GPU support WebGL by clicking this link.

If WebGL is currently not enabled in your web browser, enable it by following the process in this video

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys to navigate the plan are:

  • SHIFT + ‘+’ - Zoom In.
  • SHIFT + ‘-’ - Zoom Out.
  • Right arrow button - Move right.
  • Left arrow button - Move left.
  • Up arrow button - Move up.
  • Down arrow button - Move down.
  • SHIFT + Left arrow button - Rotate clockwise.
  • SHIFT + Right arrow button - Rotate counterclockwise.
  • SHIFT + Up arrow button - Tilt the plan forward.
  • SHIFT + Down arrow button - Tilt the plan backward (after tilting forward).

Navigation Using WASD

  • W - Move to the pano in front of you.
  • A - Move to the pano left of you.
  • S - Move to the pano behind you.
  • D - Move to the pano right of you.
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