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SiteView Settings

SiteView Settings



To access the SiteView Settings menu, click the Settings  icon at the right of the top Toolbar.

Here you can view:

  • Project Info - View information about the project shown in the SiteView.
  • Preferences- Change various viewing preferences. Note: 
    • 3D Object Transparency only appears after a 3D object has been Transported into a Capture Viewer.
    • The point cloud preferences only appear if the project contains published point cloud/ mesh data.
  • Integrations - Access project integrations inside a SiteView.

Project Info

Project Name 

If you have a Cupix account and permission, you can click on the project name to view its Dashboard in Project Center. From the Dashboard, you can access Project Data like captures, project setup, reports, and other SiteViews.


This shows the address of the Project site.

Level List 

This shows a few of the Levels from the Project shown in the current SiteView.


Unit of Measure

If a tour has Measurement enabled, you can choose from six different units of measure here.

3D Object Transparency

If a BIM or 3D model is set up and displayable in a SiteView, you can transport individual 3D objects from these models onto the 3D tour. This allows you to place 3D objects in the 3D tour, making it easy to determine if objects at the actual jobsite (tour) correspond to their planned locations in the architectural designs (BIM/ 3D model).

If you have overlaid 3D objects onto the 3D tour, you can adjust the transparency of these 3D objects by using the slider. 


  • A transparency of 1 (slide is fully to the right) means the 3D objects are completely opaque.
  • A transparency of 0 (slide is fully to the left) means the 3D objects are completely transparent, making them invisible on the 3D tour.
  • The transparency value is graded in increments of 0.1, meaning there are a total of 11 levels of opacity you can set for the 3D objects.
  • You can adjust the 3D Object Transparency value by clicking and dragging the slider or by using the left and right arrow keys on the keypad.
  • If you have transposed multiple 3D objects, displaying them as translucent objects eases identification of the objects, as well as navigation through the tour.
  • 3D objects that are not affected by the 3D Object Transparency include pins for annotations.

Point Limit per Frame

This option allows you to set the maximum number of points to be loaded per frame. 


  • Rendering more points may decrease browsing speed.

Point Size

Choose between Fixed and Adaptive (the default) point sizing. 


  • Fixed will render all points at the size you select.
  • Adaptive will render points based on density per region.

Point Color Mode

Select from four different color modes:

  • RGB uses the colors (Red, Blue, Green) specified in the source file.
  • CMY uses the colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) specified in the source file.
  • Elevation uses a gradation (Min Elevation to Max Elevation) of color between two colors chosen in the source file.
  • Intensity uses a gradation (Min Intensity to Max Intensity) of color between two colors chosen in the source file.

Point Cloud Silhouette

Turn the Point Cloud Silhouette on and off.


If the Project was set up with ACC/BIM 360, Procore, or PlanGrid integration, you can sign in to access the data here.

Once you are done making changes, click on X to close the menu.

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