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FAQ: Camera Connection Issues

FAQ: Camera Connection Issues


Here are some common issues and solutions when connecting your camera to a computer:

  • Connecting The Camera 

    • Camera not powered on
    • Camera frozen & needs to be hard reset
    • Camera "USB to computer" setting disabled (see Insta360 One R* and One X2** examples below)
    • Connect the USB cable to the computer first, then connect the camera, then turn the camera on.
  • USB Cables

    • Loose connection at either end (press the connector in more)
    • It isn't spec'd for 5v + data, so when plugged in, camera is charged by the computer and not communicating, so it is missing the ability to transfer data (replace with new)
    • The connector is bent, lessening the contact surface when plugged in (bend back or replace with new)
    • Internal wiring torn or strained at connector end (replace with new cable)
  • USB Hubs/ Computer USB Ports

    • Bad port (try another port to verify)
    • Bad cable/ connector (plug into another computer to verify)
    • Windows virtual port issues/ corrupted drivers
    • Port is mechanically damaged/ won't hold the connector in 
    • Too many USB devices connected at the same time causing driver conflicts (see HERE for Microsoft specific support) Update any old drivers and reboot the computer to see if that works.
  • SD Cards (microSD Card + SD Adapter insert/ Card Reader connected to the computer)

    • The gold contacts/ "fingers" are dirty (clean with eraser)
    • External card readers can USB connection issues (see above) 
    • External card reader is too old to recognize newer SD formats (buy new one) 
    • Windows not recognizing known good SD Adapter/ Card Reader (Use Windows built in troubleshooting - see HERE)
  • Computer File Folders

    • Trouble finding the location of the Downloaded images/ data - see Settings in Connect App or Windows folder paths

* = For the Insta360 One R, the camera's USB Mode might be set to Android by default, so it won't be found by a Windows/ MAC computer. In the camera, when in Standard mode:

  1. Swipe up.
  2. Swipe right to Settings -> General -> USB Mode.
  3. Change it to U-Disk Mode (PC will appear as the default after selected).

Video: [SOLVED] Insta 360 R NOT Connecting by USB - YouTube 

** = For the Insta360 One X2, the camera's USB Mode might be set to Android by default, so it won't be found by a Windows/ MAC computer. To fix this with the camera:

  1. Touch the screen and swipe down.
  2. Swipe left.
  3. Tap on the gear icon (Settings) -> General -> USB Mode.
  4. Change it to Desktop Mode.

Video: How to Transfer Files | Insta360 ONE X2 Tutorial #shorts - YouTube

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