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FAQ: Camera to Computer Connection Issues

FAQ: Camera to Computer Connection Issues


Here are common issues and solutions related to connecting your camera to a computer when using Connect.

Camera Unresponsive

  • Is the camera is powered on? Make sure to follow this sequence each time: 
    1. Connect the USB cable to the computer.
    2. Turn the camera on.
    3. Connect the camera to the cable.
  • Did the camera freeze & it needs to be hard reset? Remove the battery and/or do a factory reset (depending on your camera model this will vary).  
  • The Insta360 camera's USB Mode might be set to Android by default. If it isn't seen by your computer, here is how to change the settings:

USB Cables

  • Does your USB cable only charge the camera and doesn't transfer data? Replace it with one that supports both 5v power + data transfer.
  • Is the cable connection loose at either end (computer or camera)? Press the connector in more. If it will not stay in on its own, replace it.
  • Is the connector bent, lessening the contact surface when plugged in? Bend it back or replace it with a new one.
  • Is the internal wiring torn or strained at the connector end? Replace with a new cable.

USB Hubs & Computer USB Ports

  • Is the port bad? Try another port to verify.
  • It's possible you have Windows virtual port issues or corrupted USB drivers. Ask your IT department to diagnose the source of the problem. 
  • The USB port is mechanically damaged/ won't hold the connector in. Use a different port or a USB hub instead.
  • You have too many USB devices connected at the same time causing driver conflicts (see HERE for Microsoft-specific support). Update old drivers and reboot the computer to see if that works.

SD Cards 

Use the microSD Card + SD Adapter and/or Card Reader to connect to the computer.

  • Are the gold contacts/ "fingers" dirty? Clean with an eraser.
  • Is the external card reader too old to recognize newer microSD card formats? Buy a newer one.
  • Windows is not recognizing known good SD Adapter/ Card Reader. Use Windows built-in troubleshooting - see HERE.
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