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SiteView Measurement List

SiteView Measurement List



SiteView lets you take measurements from any of the data captured on your project, including 360° panos, 3D dollhouses, point clouds, meshes, BIM, 3D objects, and reference plans.

Measurements can be made in SiteView within these viewers:

  • Capture Viewer
  • BIM Viewer
  • Plan Viewer

Note: Your personal preference for the unit of measure overrides the project unit of measure in SiteView.

For example, if you prefer M, all measurements will occur in M, even if the project is set up in FT.

You can switch your personal preference to the project setting, then switch it back as needed.

What Is It?

Measurements are saved for each capture. This enables users to:

  • Assign names.
  • Manage a list of measurements.
  • Collaborate by sharing the measurements with others.

User Value

  • Users have the ability to oversee the measurement records and engage in collaborative efforts related to measurements.
  • Users can monitor measurement changes based on the respective capture dates.
  • Users can analyze historical trends and patterns by recording measurements over time. This allows for identifying long-term changes, anomalies, or recurring issues.
  • The recorded measurements can be easily shared with team members and stakeholders, promoting collaboration and fostering improved communication.


Here is how to measure in SiteView:

  1. Select one of the measurement types and measure the target object.
  2. Measurements are recorded based on their respective capture dates. By clicking on the list, users can navigate to the panoramic view where the measurements have been taken.


  • Users can rename a measurement.
  • Measurement records can be filtered by either capture or measurement type.


Are public access users able to measure and manage records?

  • Public access users can perform measurements, but they are unable to save or edit measurement records.

Are measurements saved by default?

  • Yes, all measurements are automatically saved under the capture date in private SiteViews.

Are measurement records accessible in different SiteViews?

  • Yes, all measurement records are shared across different SiteViews.

Is there a filtering option to show only the measurements from the current capture date?

  • Yes, within the measurement window, you'll find a capture filter option. By choosing Current Capture, the viewer will display only the measurements taken during the associated capture, streamlining the view.

Can I hide all measurements from the Capture Viewer at once?

  • Yes, you can easily hide all measurements from the Capture Viewer by deselecting them under the filter visibility settings.

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