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License Management Overview

License Management Overview


CupixWorks provides several types of licenses, feature packs, and an option to deactivate/ reactivate projects based on size.


Here are the licenses available:

  • Project License - License to a single named workspace.
  • Subscription License - Annual subscription for a team.

Who can manage licenses in CupixWorks?

  • Super Admin
  • Admins

Where are licenses managed in CupixWorks?

  1. Click on Settings  .
  2. Click on License  .
  3. This page will list any and all Licenses and Feature Packs your Team has purchased.

Feature Pack Add-Ons

Here are the additional Feature Packs available:

  • ProBIM Pack  - Unlock rooms and navigate site captures by named areas. Upload multiple BIM files.
  • RealityFusion Pack  - Unlock imported point clouds, meshes, or full-res maps.
  • SiteInsights Pack  - Unlock SiteInsights reports.
  • HyperSecurity Pack  - Increase your data security level.

Deactivate/ Reactivate Projects

To manage the total amount of space used, Admins can deactivate and reactivate projects as needed. 

(Note that this option is only available for Teams with a Subscription License.)

To view and manage your Deactivated projects:

  • In Map View  , click on See Deactivated Projects at the bottom of the project list on the left side.

  • In List View  , click on Deactivated Projects  .

Deactivated projects will continue to be available as "View-Only". No new information can be added to Deactivated projects such as: annotations, new captures, reference plans, or BIM files.

Only Active (or reactivated) projects are added to your Size Usage. To free up available space, you can deactivate a project. The total sq feet / sq meters of that project will be added to your total available space.

Contact Cupix Support to inquire about the different options listed above.

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