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Procore Integration


CupixWorks Integration for Procore pairs CupixWorks 3D virtual job sites with Procore issue tracking. Connect your Procore project with its corresponding CupixWorks project to manage job site tasks remotely. Once they've been linked, you can create Procore RFIs, punch lists, and observations in SiteView.

Connect Procore Project to CupixWorks Project

Log into Procore from CupixWorks to link a Procore project and CupixWorks project together.

To connect a CupixWorks project to its corresponding Procore project:

  1. From the CupixWorks web app, navigate to the workspace and open the project you are interested in linking to Procore.
  2. In the Project Center -> Project Setup, click Integrations.
    If the project has not been linked to Procore, within the Procore dialogue box the 'Linked Procore Project' status will appear as 'not set'.
  3. From the Procore box, click Link to Procore Project.
    The Procore sign-in will appear in a separate window.
  4. Enter your Procore login email and password and click Log In.
  5. From the Choose Procore Project window, select your Procore company from the drop down list, and click the project name from the list, then Link.

Your current project in CupixWorks is now linked to the selected Procore project, and the Procore dialogue box will show the specific name of the project after 'Linked Procore Project'.

Create Procore Annotations Group

Once you have linked to your Procore project, you need to create an Annotation Group for Procore as follows:

  1. From the same Project Setup page, click on Annotation Groups.
  2. Click on the New Annotation Group button.
  3. Give your group a name, then click Next.
  4. Skip Allowed Forms by clicking Next. (This is used for custom forms, not Procore.)
  5. Toggle Add Procore Forms on, then click Next.
  6. Click Save and Close.

You can now add annotations in SiteView for your project.

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