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Voice Note Annotations

Voice Note Annotations



Voice Note annotations provide a new way to provide context while on site. Here are key aspects to note:

  • Voice Note annotations are created exclusively in Capture App Pro during the video recording process. 
  • All Voice Note annotations are added to your SiteView and Notes annotation group automatically.
  • Voice Note annotations are marked with a microphone icon  in the Capture Viewer and Plan Viewer.
  • You can edit Voice Note annotation transcripts.

(Read this article to learn how to use annotations in SiteView.)

Editing a Voice Note

Here is how to edit a Voice Note annotation:

  1. Click on the Voice Note annotation.

  2. Click on the Edit button.

  3. All the normal editorial functions exist with the added ability to change the text in the Transcription box. This is useful if you discover a mistake in the wording or need to clarify further.

  4. Once you have completed editing the Voice note annotation, click on the Save button.

  5. Click on the Back to List button to view all of your Voice Note annotations.

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