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SiteInsights 2.0 Overview

SiteInsights 2.0 Overview



SiteInsights version 2.0 provides many advantages over the original version 1.0:

  • A single dashboard for tracking your project's progress.  
  • Installation detection using 3D point clouds generated from 360° videos.
  • Primavera P6 & Microsoft Project schedule integration.
  • Track all your project's vendors.
  • Customize your status templates.
  • Use 360° images to detect surface textures automatically.

If your project was created before Nov 1st, 2022, and you would like to transfer your version 1.0 data to version 2.0, please contact your CSM.


Standard capabilities

  • SiteInsights can perform up to 1 progress tracking analysis per week.
  • SiteInsights can detect installation from either point clouds or 360° videos. (Note: for 360° videos, walking thru more of the site can provide better results.)
  • Progress Tracking can be detected using the Insta360 X2 or RS One Inch 360 Edition cameras.

Detection ranges

  • To detect installed objects at least 3" in size, the camera must be within 10' of the object.
  • To detect installed objects at least 6" in size, the camera must be within 20' of the object.
  • Miscellaneous objects smaller than 3" (such as anchors, angles, & plates) are excluded from progress tracking analysis.

Progress Dashboard View

Now we have a dashboard showing all your progress tracking highlights without having to sift through long schedule tables. The dashboard is interactive allowing you to select any chart and see the BIM model highlight completed or delayed work.

Watch the video for a quick tour:

Neural 3D Engine

SiteInsights Neural 3D Engine can extract powerful information from your 360° videos. We can create 3D point clouds from videos, which SiteInsights uses to detect installation. We can also identify different types of materials used for updating status, eg: wood formwork, concrete, foam insulation, & paint.

Note: this works best with the Insta360 One X2 camera.

Integrate Schedules with Progress Tracking

SightInsights now combines field-verified installation data with your scheduling software. Import schedules from Primavera P6 & Microsoft Project into your CupixWorks SightInsights project. 

  • Import XER, XLSX, or XML (under 10mb) schedule files.
  • Manually link schedule activity IDs to BIM objects to track installation progress against the forecasted dates. If BIM includes Activity IDs, then the BIM & Schedule activities will be automatically linked to each other.
  • After initial configuration, when you import a new version of the schedule we will detect changes and update the Task name, Start, & End Date for all affected BIM objects.
  • Export SightInsights data to update your schedule or company dashboard with field-confirmed installation statuses.

Create and Track the Progress of Vendors

When tracking installation progress you can now filter by subcontractors with a new user Group type called 'Vendor.' In addition to tracking volume and percentage of all completed work for a project, you can now track volume and percentage per subcontractor as 'Vendor'.

Status Templates V2 and Surface Textures

The new Status Templates V2 allows you to customize how SiteInsights tracks and updates each type of installation. Do you want basic tracking for floor installation, but track very specific steps for walls? Status Templates can customize different statuses for each step in the construction process. 

Default Status Templates

Here is a list of system-defined templates:

  • Duct
  • Floor / Ceiling
  • Furniture / Fixture
  • Opening
  • Pipe
  • Structural Framing
  • Wall

Custom Status Templates

You can create new templates to customize the tracking for different objects:

  1. The first step is to detect the geometry from a point cloud.
  2. Using AI Image detection we can see changes in surface material types to identify additional work.
  3. You can add as many additional steps as needed.

Status Definitions

  • Installed: Object detected as complete.
  • Misinstalled: Object detected, but deviation from the planned location.
  • Incomplete: Object is detected, but additional steps are required to complete, eg; insulation, paint, etc.
  • Undetected: There is not enough imagery or point clouds to see the object.
  • Unset: Outside of scope. Either before scheduled dates or objects are not registered in SiteInsights.

AI Image Textures Classification

Surface Textures shows the list of trained AI datasets we use for the detection of progress in the Status Template.

SiteInsights can track progress using point clouds or 360° images as the input. SiteInsights can use AI image detection to identify different material types for each step. For example, we can identify metal studs, drywall, and paint using 360° images.

Ask your CSM to set up your templates and textures today.

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