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CupixWorks August 2022 Update

CupixWorks August 2022 Update

++Complete release notes are now available at our web site.++


Complete support for GPS from drones, GCPs, and survey data

Leverage GPS data from drones, GCPs (ground control points), or survey data and consolidate all georeferenced reality data in the CupixWorks unified platform without losing confidence and accuracy.

Now supporting Workato and Zapier — No-code workflow automation

Automate your workflow with CupixWorks using Workato and Zapier. Automate repetitive tasks and instantly move data between CupixWorks and thousands of applications, including Procore, Oracle, Gmail, Google Docs, and Slack, without any coding.

Finally, you can bring in reality capture data from Leica, Matterport, and NavVis in the CupixWorks platform

Upload files from Matterpak by Matterport to the CupixWorks unified platform to view and collaborate. Break data silos with files including colorized point cloud, reflected ceiling plan image, high-resolution floor plan image, and 3D mesh file.

Track progress using the Leica, Matterport*, and NavVis E57 file containing high-density point cloud data. With the file, you can upload pano images and point cloud data.

*Note: Matterport E57 file only supports pano image import. Point cloud support is coming soon.

Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition is now available

Get even better image quality with the newly added Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360 Edition in the Capture App! With dual 1-inch sensors and 6K 360 video resolution, you’ll get sharp definitions even under low-light conditions.

Streamline the alignment of multiple BIM files using shared coordinates

Different BIMs can be aligned in the coordinate system using Autodesk Revit shared coordinates.

Introducing Highlighted Drawing from SiteInsights! Making highlighted drawings with progress markup is now one button away

Automatically generate a Highlighted Drawing using data from SiteInsights. The downloaded illustrative map report is a quick and easy tool for job site personnel to verify progress status.

Azure AD* SSO is finally here

Securely log into your CupixWorks account with the newly available single sign-on (SSO) from Azure Active Directory. Contact your CSM to activate the SSO feature.

(* = Requires Subscription Plan.)

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