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CupixWorks July 2022 Update

CupixWorks July 2022 Update

++Complete release notes are now available at our web site.++


Streamlined new design of SiteView

Simplified navigation for high-fidelity (HiFi) panos in Plan Viewer

No need to zoom in to find HiFi panos* anymore! High-fidelity panos are now always displayed in the Plan Viewer with a star icon.

(* = While recording a site using video mode, stop for 3 seconds, then start walking again. The Gamma Engine uses the 3-second stop to produce a high-fidelity pano.)

View more detail in reference images*

Zoom in to see details as if you were on site. Use the Plan Viewer for accurate measurements of orthomosaic and reference plans.

(* = Requires RealityFusion Pack.)

Single-shot panos are now editable in SiteView

Use the Spin or Reposition feature to confirm the pano location with the reference plan on your own.

New action for undocking Viewers

Drag any of four Viewers to the margins to undock onto a new window. Click on the dock icon on the top right corner of the Viewer to easily dock back.

Take better control of each Viewer

Now individually sync and unsync any of the four Viewers. Identify which Viewer is active with highlighted border display.

User-friendly toolbar with organized icons

Find features you need faster with an organized map view icon toolbar.

Make sure everyone is on the same page with the same unit

Configure the Length Unit and Area Unit across the whole project for everyone.

Finally, you can bring in reality capture data from Leica, Matterport, and NavVis in the CupixWorks platform

Upload files from Matterpak by Matterport to the CupixWorks unified platform to view and collaborate. Break data silos with files including colorized point cloud, reflected ceiling plan image, high-resolution floor plan image, and 3D mesh file.

Track progress using the Leica, Matterport*, and NavVis E57 file containing high-density point cloud data. With the file, you can upload pano images and point cloud data.

(* = Note: Matterport E57 file only supports pano image import. Point cloud support is coming soon.)

Get instant access to SiteView from ACC, BIM360, and Procore using the Teleporter Google Chrome extension

You can now open SiteView from Autodesk Construction Cloud, BIM360, and Procore in one click with no pre-configuration! Add the Google Chrome extension and click on its floating icon to teleport to a specific area on a particular date in SiteView.

Enhanced camera reconnection and troubleshooting experience in Capture App

When the camera disconnects during video capture, the Capture App will automatically attempt to reconnect and provide steps to troubleshoot the issue.

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