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Basic Cupix Concepts

Basic Cupix Concepts


We have developed a basic course to help you become familiar with the core concepts of CupixWorks and capturing a site. Please let us know what you think of the content and how we can improve upon it.

Intro to CupixWorks


Watch the video for a quick intro to CupixWorks, the industry's most advanced 3D digital twin platform.

Capture -> Connect -> SiteView

Capture, connect, and view the job site with Cupix software:

  1. Capture App - Capture a site with a 360° camera and iOS mobile device.
  2. Connect App - Upload your 360° files with a computer.
  3. SiteView - Visualize and manage your 3D digital twin.

Preparation for Site Capture

Minimum hardware* needed:

  • Phone, iPad, or iPod Touch w/ Capture App installed
  • 360° Camera
  • Helmet w/ Mount

(* = We provide a hardware guide if you need help in assembling your kit accessories.)

Using your Camera

Hide your entire body inside the Safe Zone, if possible. Some of the things you don’t want to see outside of the Safe Zone:

  • The person holding the camera
  • Helmet or Selfie-stick
  • iOS device


Capture App

The Cupix Capture App is an iOS mobile application used with a 360° camera to capture site conditions.


  • Capture any site with Video or Single Shot modes.
  • Add annotations while on site.
  • Upload capture data and 360° files to CupixWorks for processing.

Basic Instructions
  1. Open the Capture App.
  2. Connect to the camera.
  3. Record your site with Video.
  4. Sync the capture.

Video Capture

Cupix recommends using the Capture App's Video Mode to capture a site. Here's why:

  • Record a single Area for up to 1 hour at a time using supported 360° camera models.
  • At any time while recording, stop for a few seconds to capture a higher resolution photo, then continue walking the site.
  • 360° panos are automatically positioned for your SiteView.

Connect App 

The Cupix Connect App is a desktop application for uploading 360° files and reality capture data to your CupixWorks project.


  • Upload formats:
    • 360° photos and videos
    • Point cloud or Mesh data

You capture a site first, sync the capture data second, and then upload the image files with Connect. The basic process for capturing and uploading:

Basic Instructions

1. Use the mobile Capture App to capture a site.

2. ‘Sync’ the capture data from the mobile device to CupixWorks.

3. Use the Connect App to upload photos and videos.

Don’t forget:

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  • Have the proper 5v + data USB cable to connect your camera to the computer.


SiteView is the CupixWorks online viewer for virtual tours in 3D digital twins.


  • Compare 360° panos with digital design files:
    • BIM
    • Point Cloud
    • 3D Mesh
  • Share your project data securely with customizable permission levels
  • Track changes over time with annotations, reporting, and timeline comparisons
  • Search for Rooms
  • Navigate by Capture Date, Level, or Reference Plan

You want the best lighting conditions for the best SiteView results. To do so, capture during daylight hours, and turn on as many lights as possible.

You can download a PDF containing the essential lessons of this course below.

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