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CupixWorks April 2022 Update

CupixWorks X

Our latest release is empowered with the Gamma Engine, a 3rd gen AI SLAM with anti-blur technology.

++Complete release notes are now available at our web site.++


Regional Release Time and Date

Los Angeles - 7PM Sunday, April 10, 2022 (PDT)

New York - 10PM Sunday, April 10, 2022 (EDT)

London - 3AM Monday, April 11, 2022 (GMT +1)

Frankfurt - 4AM Monday, April 11, 2022 (GMT +2)

Seoul - 9-11AM Monday, April 11, 2022 (GMT +9)

Sydney - 12PM Monday, April 11, 2022 (GMT +10)

What's new in this latest release:

  1. SiteView

    1. Simplified login page for users.

    2. Level & Room Selector:

      1. Now you can navigate to levels and rooms from the Level & Room Selector. When you expand the Rooms icon you can view all available rooms and which location has 360 photos from certain dates. To quickly find and navigate to a specific room, just search the name of the room in the search bar.
    3. Plan Viewer:

      1. Zoom into high resolution reference plans with increasing levels of detail.
      2. New measurement options available: Measure Area, and Measure Path.
      3. Show position on plan viewer when moving around in 3D Mode.
    4. Annotations:

      1. Location of Annotation toolbar moved to the left side of SiteView.
      2. Organize annotations by Groups and Capture Dates.
      3. Search text from annotations title, body, or assignee. Filter search results by annotation Status (Open or Resolved) or by associated capture date.
      4. Team can collaborate with comments on each annotation.
      5. Attach files or markup photos to any annotation.
      6. Annotations can be created in a Capture Viewer on 360° photos, Meshes, or Point Clouds.
      7. Exact 3D position of annotation can be edited if precision is required.
      8. Email notifications will be sent when a new annotation is created, the status changes, or with new comments.
      9. Hide visibility of annotations in capture viewer by search filters or by hiding an annotation group.
  2. Project Center

    1. Project Center is only available for Project Admin, Admin, Super Admin group users.

    2. Reference Plan:

      1. Simplified reference plan upload interface.
      2. Now supports JPEG, PNG, or TIFF file formats for reference plans.
    3. Customize annotation templates and groups:

      1. Customize annotation templates for any workflow.
      2. Annotation Group(s) can be exported or imported. Any associated form templates will auto generate (Template name and all fields will be verified during this process. If no matches found, then a new annotation Template will be created for this Team.)
  3. License

    1. A new page to view and manage your license in Account Settings. View license type & purchased add-ons. View and manage used project space vs. available remaining space.

    2. Deactivate / Activate Projects:

      1. To free up available space in your license, Admins can Deactivate old projects.
      2. Deactivated projects are still available as view-only.
      3. Reactivate a project if you want to add a new capture or edit a project.
    3. License Suspension:

      1. Team or Workspaces can be suspended due to missed payment or breach of contract terms.
      2. Team or Workspaces will be automatically suspended 30 days after License Expiration Date if no actions are taken.
  4. Gamma Engine

    1. Paused images from video capture will be enhanced:

      1. Images from dark environments will automatically be brightened.

      2. Automatic Noise reduction.

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