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FAQ: Camera Storage Running Low

FAQ: Camera Storage Running Low


Question: I received an error message about my camera's storage being low in the Capture App. How do I clear some space so I can continue capturing without issues?

Answer: You access the storage of your camera using your mobile device. 

**** CAUTION: before you delete any image files, make sure you uploaded everything captured first! ****

Mobile App

Here are instructions for using a mobile app in your iOS device:

  • To delete files from Insta360 cameras:
    1. Connect your Insta360 camera.
    2. Open the Insta360 App. If not already on your iOS mobile device, download the Insta360 App from the App Store. Also, make sure you choose the version with the yellow circle and white background for the logo.
    3. Tap on Settings.
    4. Tap on Connect camera.
    5. Follow the process to connect or reconnect the camera.
    6. Tap on Album.
    7. Tap on the checkbox at the top right corner.
    8. Select all the photos and videos to be deleted.
    9. Tap on the trashcan icon at the bottom left.
    10. Tap on the Delete button.
    11. Reboot the iOS mobile device to complete the process. Some iOS devices require you to power them off and then back on again.

IMPORTANT! ALWAYS reboot the iOS mobile device after using the camera vendor's app. If not, it will compete with the Cupix Capture App for WiFi network resources and cause connection issues.


Here are instructions for using a laptop/desktop computer to delete photo and video files:

  1. Connect one of the following to the computer:
    1. Your 360° camera and USB cable.
    2. SD Card with microSD Card inserted in it.
  2. Once the camera or SD card is found, open the new drive for it.
  3. Click through the folders until you find the one holding the photo and video files.
  4. Choose one of the following:
    • Copy the older photos and/ or videos to the computer & then delete them in the camera storage folder.
    • Delete the older photos in the camera storage folder.
  5. Disconnect your camera or SD card.

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