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Connect Ricoh Theta Z1 Camera via WiFi

Connect Ricoh Theta Z1 Camera via WiFi

There are times when the USB cable you are using will fail to connect your Ricoh Theta Z1 during the process of uploading 360° photos or videos using the Connect App. When this occurs, we suggest using WiFi to connect instead. Note that you must have a computer that is connected to a wireless network in order for this to work properly. Here are instructions for setting up a wireless network with Windows 10 and here is the one for Mac. For this article, we will use Windows 10 as the example.

Here are the instructions:

1. In the Connect home screen, click on Upload 360° Files.

2. Click on 360° Camera.

3. The camera will not be found since it is not connected with a USB cable. Click on Try WiFi Instead to connect wirelessly.

4. The Connect App will attempt to find the camera.

5. If you have already connected wirelessly to the camera with your computer before, and have the connection saved, skip to Step 6 below to continue the process

If you have not already connected the camera, it will not be found, and you will see the following message, "No camera WiFi found. Rescan WiFi" at the bottom.  

Before clicking on Rescan WiFi, you need to connect the camera in the computer's wireless network settings using the following steps:

A. Make sure that your Ricoh Theta Z1 camera's WiFi is on. You should see the WiFi icon on the camera's screen.

B. Next, in your Windows 10 computer, click on the WiFi icon  .

C. A list of available wireless networks will pop up. Click on the one that looks like THETAYN-------.OSC.

D. Under Enter the network security key, type in the password for the camera that is shown on the bottom.

Do not include the YN portion, just the numbers.

E. Click on the Next button.

F. The WiFi connection will be verified. Once it is finished, check the box next to Connect automatically to avoid re-entering the info later or leave it blank. Then click on the Connect button.

You should now see that the camera is connected.

(Note: if you have issues connecting the camera's WiFi, you can try resetting it. Watch this video for details.)

6. With the camera is connected to your computer's WiFi network, enter the camera and internet WiFi details into Connect. First, select the camera and enter it's WiFi password, then click the Connect button 

7. You should see a message stating, "Camera WiFi is Ready!" in a new screen. Click on the NEXT: Set WiFi Internet Connection button.

(Note: if the WiFi signal was lost for some reason, click on Rescan WiFi to find it again.)

8. Now enter the SSID and WiFi password for your wireless router, then click the Connect button.

9. You should see a message stating, "Internet WiFi is Ready!" in a new screen. Click on the Ok button.

10. You will now be taken to the Upload screen. Click on the Upload button.

11. Once the capture is uploaded, you should see the Upload Complete! screen appear. Click on the Ok button to finish the process.

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