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SiteInsights Overview

Site Insights Overview

Current Capabilities

Track progress & changes with CupixWorks 3D digital twin platform and turn it into business insights with:

  • % Progress tracking during construction
  • Asset status & location tracking
  • BIM vs. point cloud deviation checking

Basic Workflow

  1. Project Set Up - A CSM will work with your team to:
    1. Define the objects being tracked.
    2. Define each status to monitor.
    3. Gather the Revit model for the tracked discipline.
  2. Template Set Up - Your assigned CSM will:
    1. Register BIM objects with the Status Template.
    2. Set up Annotation/ Form Templates (as needed).
  3. Capture - The capture phase includes:
    1. Your CSM will onboard the capture team.
    2. The capture person will submit the 360° imagery for processing.
  4. Verification - The data is verified and labeled:
    1. Site Insights will update the status of defined objects from the 360° imagery.
    2. Labeling is processed for accuracy.
  5. Integration- There are several ways to export the data for further analysis:
    1. Export in CSV or CLS formats.
    2. Automated API for data transfer.

Sight Insights is in beta, and only available to customers with a subscription. If you would like to schedule a demo, please contact your CSM.


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