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Download 360° Photos

Download 360° Files

(Currently internal use only option) To download 360° photos for examination, here are the features available with this option.

1. Click on Download 360° Files.

2. Enter the Area ID.

3. Select from additional filters.

Here are your choices:

  • Download video file and time-lapse photos - If the Area is a video file, this allows you to download the MP4 and JPG formatted files.
  • Download stitched photos - If the Area was captured using a camera with fish eye lens format, this allows you to download the photos as stitched (panos).

Once you decide, click on the Download button. The screen will show the process of downloading the Area to your computer into the folder you have in Settings.

4. Download complete.

Click on the Ok button to complete the process.

You should see the folder with the files appear now.

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