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How To Beta Test Cupix Connect App

How To Beta Test Cupix Connect App

You are invited to a private beta of the Cupix Connect app. Connect improves the photo upload process. This new process will be much faster and have less errors than mobile upload with the Capture App. Please watch the following videos:

To get started:

  • Download Connect HERE.

  • Download Capture app version 1.4 as follows:

    • To access the beta version of Capture app v1.4 you’ll need to download TestFlight from the apple app store HERE.

    • After you have TestFlight installed on your iOS device, then from your iOS device click on this link to accept the beta version of Capture app v1.4 HERE.

If you have TestFlight installed already, and you select the above link, then you should see this screen.


  • If you download version 1.4, it will overwrite the existing version 1.3.8 on your device. To go back to the current 1.3.8 version you must delete v1.4 from your phone and redownload v1.3.8 from the app store.
  • When you download v1.4 from TestFlight and open it for the first time, it will say an update is available and ask you to update. Choose “Not Now”. Do Not select “Update”, or it will revert back to v1.3.8.

Login to Capture & Connect apps using the same team login information that you usually do.


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