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FAQ: Copy 360° Photos To Your Computer

FAQ: Copy 360° Photos To Your Computer

Here is the basic process for copying your photos onto your computer. This is for uploading them with the Connect App:

    1. Connect your 360° camera + USB cable or SD Adapter + microSD card into the computer.

    2. Once the camera or SD card is found, open the new drive representing it.

    3. Click through the folders until you find the one labeled DCIM or whichever holds the photos.

    4. Right-click on the folder, then click on Copy.

    5. Now go to the folder on your computer you plan on saving your photos at.

    6. Inside this folder, right-click and then click on Paste. Your photos should copy over.

You can now open the Connect App and choose the Upload 360° Files -> Folder option to finish your capture.

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