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Cupix Capture App Overview

Cupix Capture App Overview

Cupix Capture is a mobile application used for capturing a site. You can download it HERE or in your iOS device's App Store.

The Capture App allows you to use Video or Single Shot recording modes with a 360° camera.

File Folder Structure

Here is the file folder structure used in the Capture App:

  • Workspace
    • Project
      • Template
        • Capture
          • Level
            • Area

The Workspace -> Project -> Template folders are inherited from the CupixWorks platform.

The Capture -> Level -> Area folders are created when using the Capture App.

Basic Capture App Rules

  • You should only create a single Capture to use for an entire day, for each site you record.
  • You can record any number of Levels within each Capture.
  • You can record any number of Areas within each Level.
  • You can use any mixture of Video and Single Shot to record an Area.
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