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Capture Upload Process

Capture Upload Process



The suggested process is: 

1. Use the mobile Capture app to capture a site.

2. ‘Submit’ to upload capture data from the Capture app.

3. Use the desktop Connect app to upload photos or videos.

Upload Options

The current upload options:



We HIGHLY recommend the latest option #1: Capture App + Connect App

Why? Uploading 360° Photos can take minutes or hours due to large file sizes. You want to use the fastest, most reliable, high-speed network possible when uploading your Photos to the CupixWorks web platform.

The Connect App is designed to quickly upload your Photos using a Windows or Mac computer while connected to a local network (WiFi or ethernet based). 

Key Differences

When uploading Photos, there are some key differences between using the Connect App, and the Capture App.

The Connect App:

  • Local network speed is typically much, much faster.
  • Minimal chance of network interruptions that can stop the upload process. 
  • You can use your computer for other tasks during the upload process.

The Capture App:

  • If at a site without local WiFi, network speed is limited by your mobile carrier’s 4G/ 5G coverage.  
  • Mobile WiFi signal drops, disconnections, interference, and network congestion can slow, or stop, the upload process. 
  • The Capture App screen has to stay open, and viewable, during the entire upload process. No multitasking is allowed.
  • If you make a lot of Annotations with images using the Capture App, the Capture Data upload process will take longer. This can increase the total amount of time it takes to upload all aspects of the cap

Final Suggestions

Use the Connect App for the majority of 360° photo or video uploads. Only use the Capture App when:

  • Use of the Connect App is not possible.
  • You are confident in your mobile device’s WiFi and the amount of photos/ videos is small enough for the upload to succeed.*

* = Some higher quality Photo files can be 8-10 MB each, so the more photos you take, the longer it takes to upload. 

For example, if you captured a site with 400 higher quality Photos, you might have around 3-4 GB to upload. Depending on your WiFi, it might take 10-15 minutes, or longer, to upload. You would need to keep the Capture App open the entire time.

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