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CupixWorks August 2021 Update

CupixWorks August 2021 Update

CupixWorks Web v4.0.0-b.53

What's New

  • Timeline Reports

    • Want to see all progress photos of a specific location in one report? Now you can create a HTML report to share the timeline progression of a specific view. (See Video)

  • Video shot algorithm processing is now 2x faster.

  • Rooms & Levels can be automatically extracted from Revit. If the extracted Level of the Room is not correct, you can now manually edit it. (Learn More)

  • Annotations and Markups now have shorter URLs

  • Procore RFI's created from SiteView are now clickable hyperlinks within Procore.

  • Reference Plan Wizard limits upload size of PDFs to 10MB.

Bug Fixes

  • When creating a deeplink the pano location & view did not save.

  • Sometimes the pano did not show up correctly.

  • Revit Levels are automatically matched to Cupix Levels. When no Cupix level exists, a new Cupix level will be created from Revit.

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