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How to create Rooms in the Sketch Tool

How to create Rooms in the Sketch Tool

Here is a tutorial on adding a Room to a Reference Plan:

    1. We will start in the Level Editor by clicking on Sketch:

    2. Click on Insert Rooms.

    3. In the Reference Plan viewer, select an area to convert into a Room. In this example. we will choose the conference room. (Notice that we now have a number of options listed in the left menu under Layer 0, as well as under Info on the right.)

    4. In order to see the Room a little easier, we will click on 3D View.

    5. With the split view, we can see a 3D version on the left.

To view it at an flatter angle, we will hold left-click & drag up.

    6. We can now make changes to the Room using the options under Info on the right.

For example, we will change the following:

  • Name = Conference Room
  • Fill Color = #FF5722
  • Transparency = 0.3
  • Font Size = 1.2
  • Font Color = #9C27B0

We can also make changes to the Height and Width of the walls. Here are our changes:

  • Level Height = 5.3 ft
  • Default Wall Width = 1 ft

    7. We will save our changes by clicking on the Save button in the upper right.

Now you try it!

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