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Level Editor Layout

Level Editor Layout


The Level Editor is a tool that allows you to add/change details for reference plans as seen in SiteView. Here is the layout and general explanation of each tool's use:

Upper Menu Bar

  • Project Name - current Project.
  • Level - current level.
  • Save - click this button to retain any changes you make.

Lower Menu Bar

  • Undo/ Redo - edit the changes you are making.
  • Ref. Plan - toggle the Reference Plan as viewable or unviewable.
  • Sketch - toggle Sketch Objects on and off.
  • Split 3D/ 2D View - splits the view screen, and allows you to see the 3D version of the Reference Plan.
  • Show SiteInsights - option available if you have purchased SiteInsights.
  • Info about the selected item - click on the icon to make further adjustments:
    • Properties tab:
      • Transformation:
        • Scale - adjust the percentage of scaling for the default view.
        • Spin - adjust the angle in degrees for the default view.
        • Translate - adjust the X and Y coordinates crossing point.
      • Constraints:
        • Click on Add Constraint to start.
      • Lock Transformation - enable, or disable, the ability to change Properties.
      • Publish to Siteview - make the Reference Plan viewable, or unviewable, in a SiteView
      • Default in SiteView - when more than one Reference Plan is Published, choose if it is the Default or not.
      • Mask:
        • Click on Edit Mask to make changes or Reset Mask to return to original state.
    • Info tab:
      • Edit - change the name of the Reference Plan.

Left Side Menu

  • Ref Plans - a list of all reference plans for the current level. Right-click on the name to make changes.
  • Sketch - add layers to a level containing rooms, walls, text, polylines, and more.
  • Objects - add reference points, planes, and measurements.

Center Layout Menu

  • Show Grid - show or hide grid lines.
  • Show Smart Guides - show or hide smart guides.
  • Reset View - after zooming in or out, or moving the reference plan, click this to reset the view.
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