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Navigating the Level Editor

Navigating the Level Editor

The Level Editor allows you to work with a Level using the following tools:

  • Ref. Plans - Publish, or unpublish, Reference Plans for that Level.
  • Sketch - Add Layers with Rooms, Walls, Text, Polylines, Coordinate Points.
  • Objects - Add Object Reference Points and Dimensions. 

Ref. Plans

With the Ref. Plans tool, you can choose which Reference Plans to use for each Level, rename the plans, and adjust properties like scale and masking as well.


With the Sketch tool, you can add Layers with Rooms (searchable in SiteView), text and icons for labeling important areas, coordinate points for placing objects on the Reference Plans, and more.


With the Objects tool, you can add Reference Points and mark their Dimensions.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Hit F1 to see keyboard shortcuts:

Click anywhere on the screen to clear out the menu.

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