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Nadir and Horizontal Field Of View

Nadir and Horizontal Field Of View

Nadir FOV

Each 360° photo contains a nadir field of view (FOV). The nadir is the bottom part of the image, and is taken from angles right below a 360° camera. 

Typically, the nadir is used to cover a holding fixture like a selfie-stick, monopod, tripod, helmet or a person. Even if nadir is inevitable, we want to minimize it because:

  1. It is unnecessary or a nuisance for the purposes of recording a scene.
  2. It makes the photogrammetry process, including 3D mapping and vertical orientation correction, difficult to do.

To assist in minimizing the nadir size, we recommend the following clearances:

  • Helmet mount = minimum 6" to camera lens.
  • Selfie-stick/ monopod mount = minimum 6" above the head or straight from the body.
  • Tripod mount = minimum 4" between tripod and camera lens.

Horizontal FOV

As well as nadir clearance, we need to avoid interfering with the horizontal field of view (FOV) as well. 

To avoid unwanted objects in the scene, do not hold the camera as follows:

  • Mounted on your shoulder
  • Held in front or to the side of your body
  • In front shirt pocket
  • With your hand


  • Hide your body, hands and iOS device in the Nadir FOV.
  • Only show desired features in the Horizontal FOV.
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