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FAQ: Processing Error Codes

FAQ: Processing Error Codes

When a user runs into an issue with a Project in the Capture App, there is an Error Code that is generated. This Error Code can be found in the Captures section of the Project. 

To find the Error Code:

  1. In the CupixWorks web application, go to the Project you are using in the Capture App.
  2. Select Captures from the left side menu.
  3. Double-click on the specific capture that has an issue from the Capture Table. It will be noted with a red triangle  .
  4. Click once on the specific Area from the list with the red rectangle  .
  5. Click on Info about selected item  to see the error code under the Info tab.
  6. Click on More info to be redirected to this support page.


Here is a table of Error Codes with solutions that either a user or Cupix can do to fix an issue:

Error code

Error name



Capture Data upload failed

Failed to upload capture data. Please reupload the capture data in the Cupix Capture app.


360° photo upload failed

Failed to upload 360° photos. Please reupload the 360° photos in the Cupix Connect app.


Processing interrupted

The Capture was submitted, but processing has not started. No further action is needed. Our team will fix this immediately.


Wrong file type

We detected incompatible images. Please confirm that you are using a Cupix approved 360° camera.


Video too large

We detected a video with too many frames. Please use the Cupix Capture App, as it is programmed to manage video frame limits.


Canceled capture area

Processing of this area was canceled because it was removed before processing completed.

AGT3002Image defectDefects in an image caused the processing to fail. Open the photo or video using a desktop media viewer, and confirm if it is defective or not.  

(For example, vertical or horizontal color lines found in the image.)

(various codes)

Other Error

We encountered a unique error. Our team is already working on fixing it. We will alert you with any updates.

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