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FAQ: Failed Capture Submission

FAQ: Failed Capture Submission


Non-compatible Images

Question: What happens if I upload imagery that isn't compatible with CupixWorks software?

Answer: The capture will not be processed. Examples of incompatible imagery include normal photos from a cell phone, single lens camera.

Unsupported Hardware

Question: What happens if I capture imagery with unsupported camera or mobile device?

Answer: The capture may not be able to be processed for a SiteView. Hardware compatibility needs to be confirmed prior to capturing a site.

Location/Capture Data Mismatch

Question: What needs to be done to fix photos that do not match the location or other data?

Answer: There are several situations to consider:

  • Please do not change the image file name. If a file has been renamed, it will need to be changed back to its original name to match the location/ capture data. 
  • Please confirm that the images being uploaded correspond to the specific capture.
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