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FAQ: Cluster Shot Capture Issues

FAQ: Cluster Shot Capture Issues

Here are some solutions to Cluster Shot issues in the Capture App:

  1. Photo capture locations are too few and/ or too far apart

Question #1: What are the spacing rules for capturing with Cluster Shot?

  • Answer: The general rules for capturing with Cluster Shot: 
  • Line Of Sight is REQUIRED for photos to connect properly.
  • Take more photos when close to:
    • Walls (try to stay about 3 ft. from them)
    • Objects like forklifts, shelving, tables and chairs, construction materials, etc.
  • Take three photos when passing through a doorway: 
    • One step before the doorway
    • One step inside the door jam
    • And one step after the doorway
  • Take more photos (every 2 steps) inside a smaller space like a hallway, small office, rest room, closet, hotel room.
  • Take less photos (every 4 steps) when in a wide open indoor space like a warehouse, lobby or waiting area, gymnasium.
  • Take less photos (every 5 steps) when capturing outdoor areas like building exteriors, open air areas.
  • Take HDR photos in low light areas or in extreme conditions like in a room with no lighting and very bright windows.

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