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FAQ: Video Capture Issues

FAQ: Video Capture Issues

Here are some solutions to Video issues in the Capture App:

  1. High amount of blur in general
  2. Capture path adjustment required

Question #1: What is the best way to record video and lower the amount of blur in general?

  • Answer: Walking slowly is the best way to avoid blurry videos. Think of it this way:

When capturing Video, walk like you are carrying a full, steaming hot, cup of coffee.

Here are examples of when you should slow down even more:

  • When moving through doorways.
  • When moving closely next to objects like forklifts, shelving, tables and chairs, construction materials, etc.
  • When moving through tight spaces like catwalks, and narrow corridors 4 feet wide or less, etc.
  • When moving through low light areas, slow down and turn on your lighting kit.

Question #2: How can I plan a good capture path so that my photos all connect properly?

  • Answer: Please contact your assigned CSM (Customer Success Manager) for assistance with proper planning.
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