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FAQ: Capture Upload Issues

FAQ: Capture Upload Issues


Incomplete Capture Upload

Question: What can I do to complete the process when I can't submit and upload captures?

Answer: Please see FAQ: 360° Photos are Not Uploading or Upload Very Slowly for a list of solutions for the most common problems.

Duplicate Capture Upload

Question: I uploaded duplicate captures, so what can be done to fix the issue?

Answer:  We will not process the duplicate upload. No action is needed from the user.

Capture Uploaded to Wrong Level

Question: How can I fix a capture when it is uploaded to the wrong level, resulting in misaligned panos?

Answer: Cupix technical support will attempt to move the area(s) to the right level. However, if they cannot decide which level the area(s) belong to, processing will be put on hold, and they will contact the user for more information.

Capture Data Sync'd

Question: What do I do with the images on the camera after the capture data is sync'd in the Capture App?

Answer: Please see Capture Upload Process for details on uploading the photos with the Connect desktop app.

No Location Data Found

Question: How do I correct the issue when no location data is found?

Answer: In order to provide location data (capture data), use of the Cupix Capture App is required for Video and Single Shot Modes. 

Cupix technical support will attempt to estimate the image locations without the location data. If estimation is unsuccessful, they will place the capture on hold, and contact user for more information. Depending on the results, it may be fully rejected.

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