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CupixWorks June 2021 Update

CupixWorks June 2021 Update

++Complete release notes are now available at our web site.++

CupixWorks Web 2.0

  • Performance

    • Spatial indexing speed improvement - faster loading and smooth walkthrough even for large sites which consist of thousands of 360 photos.

  • Rooms

    • Rooms give you a new way to organize, search, navigate, and manage your project site captures. Instead of manually looking for a specific project location, now you can quickly search & navigate to key locations in your site. 

    • Rooms group site capture data together allowing you to manage and filter your project by areas within the site plan. A Room is defined as any space divided by boundaries, such as walls, ceilings, or polylines. A Room can be a literal room or any named location in your project. A Room allows you to search and navigate by text such as: conference room, lab 225, parking lot B, upstairs lobby, or west wing.

    • Things you can do with Rooms:

      • Search for site captures within or adjacent to a Room.

      • See a table of locations and dates of site captures.

      • Check progress status of key locations.

      • Filter out project data to create reports of a specific area.

    • Multiple ways to define rooms easily:

      • Upload Revit files to our cloud, and Cupix automatically extracts room information from the file, if applicable.

      • Use built-in 2D sketch drawing tools to create & name rooms.

  • Improved BIM Integrations

    • 2D sheets auto-extracted from Revit files are now automatically mapped during SiteView navigation.

    • Export annotations in BCF format to synchronize data flow between BIM tools and streamline collaboration with designers.

    • Rooms metadata is auto-extracted from Revit files into your CupixWorks project.

    • Select which levels and rooms you want to be published to your CupixWorks project.

  • SiteView Widget Layout

    • There are multiple ways to visualize project status with SiteView widgets consisting of Capture View, Timeline Compare, BIM Compare, Map View, Annotation tool, & Rooms tool.

    • Customize your SiteView Widget layout for your preferred use.

    • Each SiteView Widget can be undocked allowing for multi-screen use

  • Capture Table

    • In one place see a table showing levels and dates for every capture on your site. 

    • See Status updates for each capture alerting you on any needed action. Updates include Completed captures or captures with an Error.

    • Quickly open a SiteView of a capture from any level or date.

  • Level Editor

    • Create Rooms with Sketch. Now you can draw boundaries to create and define Rooms. Go to Project Center / Levels / double click on a specific level to access the Level Editor / Sketch. Create Rooms by drawing walls or polylines to define a space and name it.

    • Publish Layers. Rooms or annotations created with the Sketch tool can be published to SiteView or Cupix Capture mobile app to provide more context to the team or reference in the field.

  • Customization

    • Multiple choice of cloud storage allowing you to manage project files on your AWS account

    • A new set of SiteView APIs enabling custom integration with your existing systems

Cupix Capture App 1.3.0

  • Cluster Shot 
    • Renamed Multi-shot to Cluster Shot. Cluster Shot enables a unique way to thoroughly capture high quality images of an environment. 
  • New Captures 
    • Cupix recommends one capture per day. Within that capture file you can take as many Single Shots, Cluster Shots, and Video Shots as you need. 
    • When creating a new capture a prompt asks if you meant to create a new capture or add to an existing one for that day. 
  • Display Sketch 
    • You can choose to display sketch layers from within the mobile app. 
  • Bug Fixes 
    • App no longer crashes while loading project cards if workspace had many projects. 
    • Camera height setting now defaults to designed value.
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