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Capture Viewer Settings

Capture Viewer Settings



In SiteView, the Capture Viewer allows you to walk around a site virtually using reality capture data:

  • 360° photos and videos
  • 3D point cloud and mesh files
  • Transported 3D objects from BIM

There are two types of Capture Viewers:

  • Main Capture Viewer - it is always present in SiteView. By default, it will start you in Walk-through mode as part of the Basic View Layout.
  • Capture Viewer - it is an additional viewer used for comparing different dates. You can add up to three more Capture Viewers.

Viewing Modes

When you move your mouse cursor inside a Capture Viewer, you will see a menu with the following options:

  • Load Reality Capture  - This option will only appear if the project has reality capture data (point cloud/ mesh) in a specific capture date. It lays on top of existing 360° panos and reference plans.
  • 3D mode  OR Walk-through mode  - 3D mode shows a Reference Plan view and Walk-through mode shows a reality capture or 360° pano display view.
  • Filter Visibility  - Turn the visibility of different options on or off. 
    • When viewing 360° panos:
      • Sketch Drawings
      • Annotations
      • Pano Bubbles
    • When viewing reality captures:
      • Axes Plane
      • Ref. Plan
      • Sketch Drawings
      • Annotations
  • Measure  - This mode lets you Take Measurements inside the Capture Viewer. With this enabled, you can measure a distance, radius, angle, and flatness in a heatmap. You can also delete all measurement dimensions here as well.
  • Show Clipping Tool  - When in 3D mode, use this option to clip the view of point clouds and transported 3D objects in the X-Y-Z planes. (A SiteView must have either point cloud data or BIM files enabled for this option to appear.)
  • Reset Zoom/Reset View  - Return to the original view before you started making changes.
  • Take a screenshot and generate a timeline report  - This option lets you take a screenshot of the Capture Viewer as it currently appears. You can then generate a timeline report as an HTML file that shows the timeline progression of that specific capture view on different dates in the SiteView. Read this article for instructions on use.
  • Info - This is available when in Walk-through mode. On mouse hover, it shows a message with details on when a pano was processed in CupixWorks and the closest Room (if any exist in the Project).

Pano Bubbles

This option appears when pano bubbles are enabled in the right-click menu.

Once enabled, a menu will appear with options for: 

  • Filter selectable pano bubbles by elevation.
  • Change the radius of the bubble itself.
  • Adjust the length of the bubble stand (the stick that is attached at the bottom of the bubble).
  • Make the bubble stand project into the ground. This overrides the above bubble stand adjustment.

You can minimize the menu or close it once done viewing pano bubbles.

Capture Date

At the bottom of each Capture Viewer is a box showing the date the Capture was created. By clicking on it, you can view:

  • Capture Calendar view.
  • Capture List view.
  • The Level it resides on.

If there are two or more Captures, the left and/ or right arrows will become available for easy navigation to past or future Captures. See Change Capture Date for a detailed tutorial.

Note: If point cloud/ mesh data is available, it will have the reality capture icon   next to the name.

Right-click Navigation Options

You can also right-click inside a Capture Viewer to bring up a menu with more options. 

For captures with 360° panos only:

  • Navigate back and forth through photos.
  • Turn Sketch Drawings on and off.
  • Turn Pano Bubbles on and off.
  • Delete measurement dimensions.
  • Delete 3D objects.

  • Single Shot pano editing options:
    • Spin the pano either clockwise or counterclockwise 90°
    • Reposition the pano.

For captures with reality capture data loaded:

  • Turn the Axes Plane on and off.
  • Turn the Reference Plan on and off.
  • Turn Sketch Drawings on and off.
  • Delete measurement dimensions.
  • Delete 3D objects.
  • Select a Reference Plan.
  • Filter Reality Captures if more than one is published.

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