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Capture Viewer Settings

Capture Viewer Settings


To navigate a 3D tour, SiteView provides a Capture Viewer Widget Window. The Main Capture Viewer is always present in SiteView. By default, it will start you in Walk-through mode as part of the (default) Annotations Layout. You can also add more Capture Viewer Widgets to the tour as needed.

Viewing Modes

When you move your mouse cursor inside a Capture Viewer Widget, you will see a menu with the following options:

  • Load Point Cloud  - This option will only appear if it has been set up in the Level Editor previously. It will overlay a Point Cloud from the BIM Model File on top of the panos.
  • Measure  - This option will only appear if it has been set up in the Level Editor previously. It allows for Taking Measurements inside the Capture Viewer. With this enabled, you can measure a distance, radius and angle.
  • 3D mode  OR Walk-through mode  - 3D mode shows a Reference Plan view and Walk-through mode shows a capture display view.
  • Filter Visibility  - Choose between:
    • All  - Shows all panos, 3D objects and point cloud data
    • Panos  - Shows panos only.
    • 3D objects and point cloud  - Shows 3D objects and point cloud data only.
  • Show Clipping Tool  - The Clipping Tool helps you limit the viewable 3D objects in a 3D tour in X-Y-Z planes.
  • Reset View  - Return the view to the original one.
  • Show when this pano was taken and the closest room  - Shows a pop-up message with information on when a pano was processed in CupixWorks and the closest room (if any were created).

Capture Calendar and/ or Capture List

At the bottom of each 3D Viewer is a box showing the name of the Capture and the date it was created. By clicking on the down arrow, you can also view a Capture Calendar or Capture List, if more than one Capture is available. If there are two or more Captures, the left and/ or right arrows will become available for easy navigation to past or future Captures. See Change Capture Date for a detailed tutorial.

If point cloud data is available, it will also show the Point Cloud icon: 

Right-click Navigation Options

You can also right-click inside a 3D Viewer to bring up a menu for navigating back and forth through panos, as well as turning different 3D object views on and off.

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