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CupixWorks December 2020 Update

CupixWorks December 2020 Update

++Complete release notes are now available at our web site.++

What’s new in CupixWorks?

In this update, we've added new features to make managing multiple construction projects easier, and annotation groups and reports more streamlined. We've also added a new Beta feature intended to help load those jobsites with thousands of photos faster and more easily.  

Additional minor features and updates have been implemented, which are described below.  We now support directly importing reference plans from BIM 360.  We've automated the process of extracting BIM room and level data, a feature that was introduced as a manual process in last month's update. Some other updates include an improved search engine, and extending Capture QA service to point clouds as well.

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New Features

Introducing the Project Map Dashboard

Access all projects, SiteViews, and project updates from one interface

Previously, the CupixWorks dashboard consisted only of lists of workspaces and projects, and users were required to open each project to access update feeds and SiteViews.  For users who handle multiple ongoing construction projects, this made it difficult to manage all projects simultaneously. With the new Project Map Dashboard:

  • Users can view all projects, and their latest capture information and updates, together.
  • Projects and SiteViews within a workspace can be accessed from a single interface.
  • Users can sort projects by the latest capture date to gain insight into the progress of multiple ongoing projects.
To get started: See how to open and use the Project Map Dashboard by viewing our article or video.

Create and Use Annotation Group Templates

Make access permission setup and form selection easy in SiteView

When SiteView users create an annotation, they must search through all available form templates to find their desired form. By using annotation group templates, each annotation group will have a predefined list of forms users can fill out. These annotation group templates can be set up in the SiteView's associated project center.
With annotation group templates:

  • Users can preselect available forms and the access permissions of an annotation group.
  • Users can streamline the process of defining access permission settings when creating a new annotation group in SiteView.
  • Any additional changes made to an annotation group template does not affect existing annotation groups in SiteView.
To learn more: See how to create and use annotation group templates by viewing our article or video.

Completely Updated Annotation Reports

With an intuitive new layout, users can generate and share HTML and PDF reports

Within SiteView, users are now able to export and download annotation reports in HTML format, which in turn they can use to generate PDFs from.  With our updated annotation reports:

  • Reports featuring screenshots taken from the annotated area over the capture timeline can be generated automatically.
  • Annotation reports can be exported as self-contained HTML files with embedded images, making them easy to share.
  • HTML reports generated from SiteView can be easily converted to PDF files.
  • Report layout and format customization will soon be available upon request.
To learn more: See how the new layout looks and learn how to generate HTML and PDF reports by viewing our article or video.

Import Reference Plans from BIM 360

Use reference plans from an integrated BIM 360 project

Users can now use PDFs and plans from a linked BIM 360 project as sources for new reference plans in CupixWorks.  Make sure your project is integrated with BIM 360 for this new option to be available.

To learn more: See how to select a reference plan from your BIM 360 project to import to CupixWorks in our article or video.

Introducing Our Beta Feature: Spatial Indexing

A new Beta feature called Spatial Indexing will also be introduced at this time. As an experimental new feature, capture data can now be spatially indexed in our database.  If you choose to use this feature:

  • SiteView is loaded with spatial indexing information, resulting in a small number of adjacent panos preloaded in the background as you navigate through the capture.
  • Users can open and navigate a SiteView with a large number of panos (i.e.: tens of thousands) faster and more easily.

Additional Features and Improvements

In this update, we've implemented over twenty new features, improvements, and bugfixes. Check out the following improvements that are included in this update:

BIM 360 File Bowser Dialog

  • Shows files in the BIM 360 > Plan folder the same way as displayed in BIM 360. For example, a RVT file with more than one model is displayed as separate files per each model in BIM 360. Our BIM 360 file browser would display these files in the same way.

BIM 360 Integration

  • The required permission to link to BIM 360 projects has been changed to "BIM 360 Account Admin and Project Admin" from only "BIM 360 Account Admin".
  • When user login credentials expire, the login dialog will show instead of the "Invalid Integration" toast message.
  • Fixed an issue where an RFI will not be created if Status = Open in the New BIM 360 RFI dialog.

BIM Processing

  • Server can process larger BIM files that would previously time out.
  • Level and room data are automatically extracted from an uploaded BIM file in the server.

Capture Editor

  • Web-uploaded photos have the Process Again feature. Previously, only multi-shot areas could be processed again.
  • Now, users can set the height of all panos in a cluster to the same value at the same time. To do so, right click the cluster in left tree menu, select the Set Height of All Panos menu, and enter the desired height.
  • Fixed an issue where a locking cluster did not lock panos.
  • Fixed an issue where face blurring was not applied to video capture.

Capture Status

  • Now, if an area is added to a capture where QA service has already been completed, the processing status for all areas in the capture will be changed to ‘Performing QA’.

Default Level

  • When a new project is created, a default level is also created.

Deleted Member

  • Deleted members can be invited again.
  • Deleted members can self-sign up using an email with the allowed team email domain.

Password Reset Confirmation

  • After users reset their passwords, a confirmation email is sent to the user’s email address.

Point Cloud

  • New option "Fixed" is added to the point cloud display options, which displays all points at the same size regardless of the density of the point cloud.
  • Point cloud data no longer needs to be associated with a specific level. This type of point cloud will display in SiteView regardless of the level selection.


  • Faster processing of single shot areas.

QA Service for Point Cloud


  • When searching for members or groups, autofill now supports partial names or emails.


  • Users can now edit fields of an annotation while viewing the reference pano. Previously, a dialog appeared in the center of the screen, blocking a large part of the pano display.
  • Fixed a bug where SiteView loaded two captures in the same window.
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